Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

aka Lil' Shaddie

  • I live in 'Straylia, mate!
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Tenno
  • I am a professional lewdman.


Hey there! I'm new to this wiki, but not to PvZ itself!

Add me on Origin: ShadOfSwadDSME

I do play Garden Warfare 2, and i am very curious to see what the upcoming AAA PvZ game will be! (Most likely Garden Warfare 3 and if so, i hope there will be another loyalty system!)

Top 3 Plants i play well as!

  • Plasma Pea
    • I don't really like charge characters much (Electro Citron being one of them) but i really do like Plasma Pea, mostly because his charge attacks come with nice splash damage. Direct charged hits are even more useful, especially seeing as they only ever use up 1 ammo.
  • BBQ Corn
    • Fire is a good DoT effect, and most of the Corn variantshave a reletively fast firing speed. Combine these two together, and you get the BBQ Corn. I grew to liking him more during the Corns VS Imps Mystery Portal, and i don't hesitate to play as him often.
  • Camo Cactus
    • Now, i'm not one for sniping in Garden Warfare 2, but Camo Cactus makes it more better to snipe (imo anyways) With 60 damage on a headshot, you can off most classes in 2 hits. Just gotta be careful of enemy Pirates and their Parrot Pals!

Top 3 Zombies i play well as!

  • Paleontologist
    • Ahh, the Paleontologist. He a very good Scientist variant and he's fun to use. His firing speed i can amage with, but i'd give him a Reload Upgrade to quickly keep his primary loaded. He also boasts a fire DoT effect WITH splash damage, while also being a healing character. What more could you want? I would also give him a Damage Upgrade so he can dish out a little more punishment than he already does.
  • Foot Soldier
    • In my first days of playing Garden Warfare 2, i kept unlocking Sunflowers and Engineers with no forseeable end. I always wanted a new Foot Soldier or Peashooter, so i instead decided to stick with the base ones i had. I kept getting better at Foot Soldier until i unlocked his Super Stink Cloud, Rocket Leap and Multi Rocket abilities, and now i love using him. i did eventually unlocked a new variant (being the Centurion) but i prefer the base Foot Soldier.
  • S.H.R.Imp
    • When the Corns VS Imps Mystery Portal was around, there wasn't an Imp i enjoyed playing with (maybe except the Z7 Imp) But then, i started using the S.H.R.Imp and he's been the perfect Imp for me to use. He doesn't have a lot of recoil like the base Imp does, and his mech is quite fun to use. Sure, he may not do as much damage as some other Imps, but to each their own i suppose.
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