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I am incredibly awesome!
Birth Month: September


Favorite movies:

Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the How to Train Your Dragon films

Favorite Books:

The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Favorite Comic:

Infinity Gauntlet, Dark Phoenix Saga, Court of Owls, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis

Favorite TV shows:

South Park, The Flash, Marvel Netflix

Did I mention that I'm incredibly awesome?

About me

I play video games, watch movies, watch TV, and read comic books. I've been playing PvZ games for over five years now. I remember playing PvZ 1 for the first time in the Apple Store back in 2011. I was intrigued by the game and forever since have been playing. I played PvZ 2 for the first time when it was released in 2013. I was suprised by how good I was because I managed to obtain all the stars. But then my iPad messed up. I woke up and it wouldn't turn on. I had it taken to the apple store. I got a new iPad because my old iPad was still on warranty. For a little while after that I didn't play PvZ. Until I heard that Far Future was coming out soon. Then I redownloaded PvZ 2, and played through it. It was a somewhat different experience.


My Favorite Pages

Official HD Thyme Warp
My Favorites

Almanac GroundRoof This user's favorite area is Roof.

I love how it's the most challenging and interesting as well as unique area in the original game.

Almanac GroundNeon Mixtape Tour This user's favorite area is Neon Mixtape Tour.

I love the atmoshpere and feeling of this area.

Almanac GroundModern Day This user's favorite area is Modern Day.

Includes aspects of all worlds, and reminds me of PvZ 1. So I guess this is my second favorite.

Boombox Zombie2 This user's favorite jam is ballad!

Sounds relaxing and exciting at the same time. 

PvZ soundtrack This user's favorite Song is Graze the Roof.

Main This users favorite game mode is Adventure Mode.

Raptor This user's favorite dinosaur is Raptor.

Popcorn iPad This user's favorite mini-game is Buttered Popcorn!

MainMenu This user's favorite version is Xbox

Fav PvZ 1 Stuff

#1 Favorite Plant

Cob Cannon2


Twin Sunflower2 Spikerock2 Cattail2C Squash2 Ice-shroom1 Doom-shroom1Winter Melon2


Blover2 Cherry Bomb2

#1 Favorite Zombie

Dr. Zomboss2


Gargantuar2 Zombie Yeti1 Dolphin Rider Zombie1 New Dancing Zombie2 Catapult Zombie1 Bungee Zombie1Digger Zombie1


Pogo Zombie1 Zomboni1

Fav PvZ 2 stuff

Alltime Favorite Plant

Thyme Warp2


Winter Melon2 Primal Sunflower2 Grapeshot2 Primal Wall-nut2 Power Lily2 Imitater2Gold Bloom2


Infi-nut2 Primal Potato Mine2

All-Time Favorite Zombie

Boombox Zombie2


Dr. Zomboss2 Treasure Yeti2 Imp Cannon2 Bug Bot Imp2 Imp Dragon Zombie2 Gargantuar2All-Star Zombie2


Newspaper Zombie2 Super-Fan Imp2

Plants-Vs-Zombies This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies since 2011.

PvZ2 This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 since 2013.

Second Life This user has beaten Adventure Mode 10 (At least, lost count, happened over the course of 5 years) time(s).

ZenGarden This user has collected 48 Zen Garden plants.

TreeofWisdom This user's Tree of Wisdom is {{{1}}} feet tall.

Nobel Peas Prize This user has unlocked 43 achievements in Plants vs. Zombies (iPad version).

Sun Catcher new This user has unlocked 74 achievements in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Travel Log HD This user has completed ' Travel Log quests
out of
main ones. He is currently rank 64.

PvZ worldAE
PvZ worldPS
PvZ worldWW
PvZ worldFC
PvZ worldLC
PvZ worldFF
YesYAncient Egypt YesYPirate Seas YesYWild West YesYFrostbite Caves YesYLost City YesYFar Future
PvZ worldDA
PvZ worldNMT
PvZ worldJM
PvZ worldBWB
PvZ worldMD
YesYDark Ages YesYNeon Mixtape Tour YesYJurassic Marsh YesYBig Wave Beach YesYModern Day

My Streaks
Tile Turnip
SurvivalEndlessTemplate This user has completed 41 flags in Survival: Endless.

LastStandEndlessTemplate This user has completed {{{1}}} flags in Last Stand: Endless.

VaseBreakerTemplate This user has achieved a streak of {{{1}}} in Vasebreaker: Endless in Plants vs. Zombies.

IZombieTemplate This user has achieved a streak of {{{1}}} in I, Zombie: Endless.

Pyramid of Doom2 This user has completed 100 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.

Dead Man's Booty2 This user has completed 100 levels in Dead Man's Booty.

Big Bad Butte2 This user has completed 60 levels in Big Bad Butte.

Terror from Tomorrow2 This user has completed 60 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.

Arthur's Challenge2 This user has completed 40 levels in Arthur's Challenge.

Tiki Torch-er2 This user has completed 40 levels in Tiki Torch-er.

Icebound Battleground2 This user has completed 20 levels in Icebound Battleground.

Temple of Bloom2 This user has completed 100 levels in the Temple of Bloom.

Greatest Hits2 This user has completed 40 levels in the Greatest Hits.

LBT Icon Transparent This user has completed 20 levels in the La Brainsa Tarpits.

Highway to the Danger Room2 This user has completed 20 levels in Highway to the Danger Room.

Pottery Trained This user has achieved a streak of 20 in Vasebreaker Endless in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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