• I live in Cebulandia
  • My occupation is hehe
  • I am Error


Primal Wall-nut2 This user's favorite plant is Primal Wall-nut.
Imp2 This user's favorite zombie is Imp.
Spikeweed2 This user's least favorite plant is Spikeweed.
Poncho Zombie2 This user's least favorite zombie is Poncho Zombie.
IZombieTemplate This user has achieved a streak of 8 in I, Zombie: Endless.
LastStandEndlessTemplate This user has completed 16 flags in Last Stand: Endless.
SurvivalEndlessTemplate This user has completed 21 flags in Survival: Endless.
Anon This user hates spammers and vandals.
Almanac GroundRoof This user's favorite area is Roof.
Almanac GroundFog This user's least favorite area is Fog.

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

I've played Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

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