aka Cartoon Community Guy

  • I live in Miami, Florida, United States
  • My occupation is Hating on Bendy and the Ink Machine and liking the FHIF Bendy. Don't you dare complain about it, because BATIM fans are aleadry toxic!
  • I am some member of the 2000's cartoon community who is a Bendy and the Ink Machine hater.

About me

Hello, I'm just a guy who contributes this wiki every day.

My favorite PvZH cards

  • The Podfather: This card is good when the field is full of pea plants.
  • Surprise Gargantuar: You can use Surprise Gargantuar to ruin the plant hero's strategies, thanks to his moving ability when revealed.
  • Coffee Zombie: Good stats and has a good ability for slight boost.
  • Dog Walker: Can be used to prevent you from taking damage of a plant played in an empty lane.
  • Maniacal Laugh: You can combine this with zombies with Anti-Hero trait or Armored trait to make them more dangerous against the plant hero.
  • Poison Mushroom: Good Anti-Hero plant to start a game.
  • Punish-Shroom: You can use its ability as last resort if a zombie destroys the last mushroom in a lane.
  • Poison Ivy: Use this as a mid-game Poison Mushroom.
  • Poison Oak: Good at protecting other plants and good Anti-Hero trait, but still has less health than a Wall-Nut.
  • Brain Vendor: He is like if you were playing a free zombie.
  • Gargantuar-Throwing Imp: Play this, then buff him with some tricks, and then your hero will have to deal with multiple Smashing Gargantuars!
  • Vimpire: His ability and trait make him very useful at early turns. However, be careful if your opponent is playing as a hero that leads guardian, as he may play Garlic to destroy.
  • The Great Zucchini: Can be used to weaken strong zombies on the field.
  • Zombot 1000: Its ability and stats make it a good legendary zombie for late turns.
  • Snake Grass: Use it to annoy your opponent at early turns!
  • Smackadamia: You can use it to aid your nut plants that are about to be destroyed.
  • Health-Nut: I like it because I thought about a fighter that has no strength, but with an ability to deal damage equal to its health, and it came true!
  • Defensive End: Not only his ability is useful, his stats and trait are also useful to protect other zombies!

My favorite PvZ2 zombies

  • Brickhead Zombie (and variants): This zombie was a very good idea for world expansions.
  • Blastronaut Zombie: His flightly speed makes it a very challenging zombie, and I like dealing with challenging zombies!
  • Robo-Cone Zombie: I like it because it has slightly higher health than Brickhead Zombie and his variants. There was a scrapped upgrade to this zombie for the world expansion of Far Future.
  • Pelican Zombie: Same reasons as Blastronaut Zombie.
  • Rodeo Legend Zombie: Good challenging upgrade of Zombie Bull.
  • Jurassic Rockpuncher: I like him because I seen videos of rockpunching.
  • Sunday Edition Zombie: I like him a lot. Also, I seen an user that said he was wearing a bathrobe, but that wasn't true.

User's reactions to articles

This section of my profile shows reactions to users to Plants, Zombies, PvZH articles, etc. I found on articles.

Draggon753's reactions

  • Draggon753 said that his least favorite hero is Z-Mech. The first reason is because Z-Mech lacks amphibious zombies or zombies with abilities which can deal amphibious threats. The second reason is that he was never hit by the Hero-Tron 5000.
  • Draggon753 said that what he likes about Gargantuar Throwing Imp is his ability. What he doesn't like are his stats.
  • Draggon753 made a funny comment about Abracadaver. It says Cough* Electric Boogaloo *Cough Cough* This + Cat Lady + Zookeeper.

Persian.Plant's reaction's

Strawburst18's reactions

  • Strawburst18 said that Abracadaver is so rude.

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

Tell the other users on the wiki what Plants vs. Zombies games you have!

(Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare)

The Marvelous Adventures of Mark

A comic series made by me. Stay tuned for more comics!

The love story of Pompadour Zombie and Bikini Zombie

This is a comic made by me. Its original title was ​Pompadour Zombie X Bikini Zombie​. Credit to lamarepeater for the current title.

History of Glitter Zombie

This is another comic made by me. It is the sequel to Pompadour Zombie X Bikini Zombie.

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