aka Henry

  • I live in Conservation Society
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is Anglerfish
  • I am Anglerfish

I'm not actually a chomper. Chompers are just my favorite plant.

About Me

I am a nice guy. I tend to like a lot of different things. I (try to) respect other people's opinions, even if I don't like it. I try to visit The Lawn often, but usually a lot of people are away and it's just boring.

Other Games I play

Besides PvZ, I also play other games as well. My favorite games to play are Pokemon, Minecraft, The Escapists, SSB, Mario, Kirby, Slime Rancher, and Undertale.


I will post something here when I have an announcement to make. I will be taking a break from the wiki. I don't know when I'm coming back.


Earn 1000 sun Check!

Get a Lucky Blover (not done)

Become a rollback (not done)

Become a chat mod (not done)

Become a forum mod (not done)

Become an admin (not done)

Become a bureaucrat (not done)






Zombie Chickens

Octo Zombie (due to a glitch. read my comment on Big Wave Beach - Day 20 to learn more.)

Wizard Zombie (worst in the game, IMO)

PvZ Games I play

I play PvZ 1 (iPad), PvZ 2 (iPad), and PvZ Garden Warfare for the PC. I cannot play PvZA for obvious reasons, and PvZ:GW2 is too expensive right now.


Lucky Blovers Earned: 0

Yeti Zombie Encounters (PvZ1): 1 (4-10)

I was once 1 edit away from getting a Lucky Blover :(

Plant Rating (PvZ):

Here I rate what my favorite plants are with a 0-10 scale. 0 is the worst, while 10 is just flat-out awesome. I can't do China plants, though. If a plant has changed in PvZ 2, I will rate its PvZ 2 version.

Peashooter: 7/10 Would be better, but is kind of weak. It being the unofficial mascot of PvZ saves it from being lower on the scale.

Sunflower: 9/10 A must for all levels, basically.

Cherry Bomb: 8/10 I love cherries and explosions.

Wall-nut: 5/10 I barely use these guys, unless in front of a Chomper.

Potato Mine: 6/10 Kinda helpful, but is a one-use, and takes ages to arm itself.

Snow Pea: 4/10 It would be a good plant to use...if it weren't so expensive.

Chomper: 15/10 My all-time favorite plant! I love the Mario series, and this plant gives me flashbacks to Mario games. Also, they're kind of cute and they're my favorite class in Garden Warfare.

Repeater: 8/10 Great plant. It's expensive though. I still like using it. I still like using it. I'm repeating myself.

Puff-shroom: 7/10 Free, decent, and an essential for night levels!

Sun-shroom: 8/10 After using them, I thought to myself 'Why did I EVER use Sunflowers in the first place?'

Fume-Shroom: 5/10 Sure, they have a farther range than Puff-shrooms, but they can only fire through Screen Doors and Ladders. That's what lobbed shot plants are for.

Grave Buster: 5.5/10 These guys are great, but they just prevent one more zombie at the final wave. For only 75 sun. Also, I don't like their re-design in PvZ 2. I like that fez though.

Hypno-shroom: 5/10 Very helpful for zombies like Football Zombies and Dancing Zombies. Unfortunately a Backup Dancer is likely to eat the Hypno-Shroom instead of the leader. Also, Gargantuars smash them.

Scaredy-Shroom: 6/10 Good, but it hides when any zombie (even a Digger Zombie) gets close, making it useless. Pathetic in I, Zombie Endless though, when you find loads of them.

Ice-shroom 3/10 I NEVER used it, but once to get that 20 below zero achievement. I like them in one way because they look grumpy. Just like me irl.

Doom-shroom: 7/10 Crater takes absolutely AGES to heal. That's my only complaint.

Lily Pad: 8/10 A must for all Pool levels! Unless you go for Pool's Closed.

Squash: 10/10 So goofy looking, and cheap! Sad that they're premium in PvZ 2. Not in Pinata Party though.

Threepeater: 4.5/10 Just one pea on three lanes, for 325 sun. 3 Peashooters would be cheaper than this! By only 25 sun...

Tangle Kelp: 9/10 I loved this thing ever since I saw it. My favorite water plant is this thing.

Jalapeno: 3/10 Sure, they burn all the zombies on the lane, but I don't use them as much as Cherry Bombs. I don't know why. OH YEAH! They're worthless when going fro Pool's Closed.

Spikeweed: 8/10 Love them because they can't be eaten.

Torchwood: 6/10 Great for Pea-shooting plants, but otherwise, can't do poop. I like the fire though.

Tall-nut: 7.5/10 Leaves Wall-nut in the dust, but is not used in Wall-nut Bowling 2. Shame. Also, it looks like a snack that my grandfather loved.

Sea-shroom: -1/10 Reasons to hate: 1. It recharges as fast as a squash. 2. You can only use it on 2 areas. 3. Additionally, you can only use them on 2 lanes. 4. They're only free on 1 area (the most annoying area, too). 5. They have the range of a Puff-shroom. 6. They also have the same health. 7. They also do the same damage. All in all, a worthless plant, abd you're better off using a Puff-shroom on a Lily Pad. At least if the Puff-shroom

Plantern: 9/10 I have changed this plant's ranking, due to some testing. If you plant a Garlic in front of them, well, so long fog!

Cactus: 4/10 That's what Blovers are for. To not have to deal with Balloon Zombies. Also, I hate them in Garden Warfare.

Blover: 5/10 Not as useful on your second playthrough when you have fog. (for more information, see Plantern's ranking above)

Split Pea: 4/10 Not very creative, Popcap. The back head doesn't do dump. Also, they're a major nuisance in I, Zombie (the only time they ACTUALLY do stuff!) And if you don't have Torchwood behind it, or another one, the Digger Zombie will be able to eat through a plant.

Starfruit: 7/10 I also have changed this one's ranking. One or two aren't very useful, but if you have like 15 of them? It's GG.

Pumpkin: 8/10 Portable Wall-nut, basically. Works GREAT with Chompers! Not so much with Ladder Zombies.

Magnet-shroom: 6/10 Why is this is the game so LATE? All those times with those dang bucket zombies and stuff.

Cabbage-pult: 3/10 THE most PATHETIC Pult brother EVER! I only used these guys while fighting Zomboss.

Flower Pot: 5/10 Can't really do much of anything, but is a Roof Version of a Lily Pad. Except, you have to plant every single one!

Kernel-pult: 10/10 It's the only plant that can completely stop zombies. Plus, it throws BUTTER! (yeah, I watch Skydoesminecraft)

Coffee Bean: 6/10 Can wake up mushrooms, but you get it SO LATE! WHY?

Garlic: 4/10 Only helpful for money grinding or trying to get Wall Not Attack. Nothing else. Except you can use them in front of a Plantern.

Umbrella Leaf: 3/10 Only prevents attacks from 2 different zombies. I guess it can prevent random zombie ambushes at the last flag though. Otherwise, they can't do crap.

Marigold: 1/10 Only helpful for Last Stand. It only gives you money......yay?

Melon-pult: 8.5/10 Great plant and power, but is LITERALLY the LAST plant you get in Adventure mode.

Gatling Pea: 6/10 Expensive!!!!!! Plus, I just don't like that hat on him. I've never been a fan of war stories.

Twin Sunflower: 4/10 Takes AGES to recharge, For just 25 extra sun. Not worth it.

Gloom-shroom: 7/10 Useful for Strategies everywhere it seems.

Cattail: 11/10 It's so cute! I love cats! This thing is just awesome. It's spikes are homing (unlike YOU, Cactus!) which makes it better! Can it get more awesome? Yes, it can. It shoots two spikes.

Winter Melon: 10/10 It is THE strongest non-KO plant. >:)

Gold Magnet: 0/10 Despite being a magnet, can't do crap. Only takes in coins. Its purpose? For lazy people.

Spikerock: 9/10 Can't be eaten, which is great, AND it can take 3 barrels and Gargantuars! How better can you get!

Cob Cannon: 10/10 CORRRRRNNNNN! EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!!!! KERNEL-PULTS!!!!!!!!!!

Imitater: 1/10 I have NEVER used these! It's so random! It can't even mimic upgrade plants. Noob. :)

So there's my ratings for PvZ plants.

Plant Rating (PvZ 2)

Bloomerang: 5/10 It's good...but I don't use it after Ancient Egypt.

Iceberg Lettuce: 8/10 Cute, and it's plant food is just like Ice-shroom, but it stays around afterwards. Although it turns into Herobrine when a zombie comes near it.

Bonk Choy: 6/10 A great plant to use in close situations. Its punches don't do much damage though.

Snapdragon: 9/10 I love dragons and flames, so this plant is near the top of the list.

Coconut Cannon: 5/10 Too expensive, and takes too long to recharge.

Spring Bean: 7/10 Near useless, unless you combine it's Plant Food and Spring Bean.

Lightning Reed: 7/10 Same reason for Starfruit. It also gets rid of the bane of my existence. (Chicken Zombies)

Chili Bean: 11/10 When I first saw this plant get introduced to Nintendocaprisun, his reaction was amazing.

Pea Pod: 5/10 You can only really use them for a Special Delivery.

Power Lily: 8/10 Good to use when you can never find any Plant Food.

Laser Bean: 8/10 Great at first, but you can get better, cheaper plants like Fume-shroom later.

Blover: 11/10 MUCH better in this game!

Citron: 9/10 Like Ssundee would say, it hits like a freakin' TRUCK!

E.M. Peach: 7/10 Well, I suppose it's kind of a Doom-shroom. (Kinda, not really, but OK)

Infi-nut: 6/10 It's decent, but it's kinda meh...

Magnifying Grass: 5/10 I've never been a fan of manual plants, unless they're really strong (ex. Banana Launcher, Cob Cannon, Coconut Cannon). This isn't that strong. At least not as strong as the others.

Sun-shroom(PvZ 2): 10/10 Better than Sunflower now! (And LOADS better than Twin Sunflower)

Puff-shroom(PvZ 2): 7/10 No Coffee Bean required? GREAT!

Sun Bean: 7/10 YUS! Great for Knight Zombies. Unless you're unfortunate enough for, say, a Zombie that dropped its arm eats it.

Pea-nut: 9/10 Despite my hatred for peanuts irl (allergies) I love using this plant. It saves space, and works as a Wall-nut +Peashooter with the same combined price.

Bowling Bulb: 6/10 To be honest, I'm an awful bowler. But this only throws 3 bulbs, then takes time to regrow the bulbs. Plus, the bulbs are sad.

Ghost Pepper: 11/10 Amazing! It makes bucket head zombies look pathetic. It's a great plant for such a low sun cost. It can't be eaten, either! It recharges decently. I use this for every level. This is also VERY helpful in Pyramid of Doom for dealing with graves. It's so OP.

Homing Thistle: 7/10 Not AS good with 1 or 2 of them, but it's like Starfruit. (the more the merrier)

Guacodile: 9/10 A good plant no matter what. It's bite is very strong too.

Banana Launcher: 6.5/10 I hate bananas in real life. Also, I was extremely disappointed when I saw this thing in action. One of the things I like about it is that whenever it fires it goes, "BANANA!" which makes me laugh. (although this is an obvious, less powerful version of Cob Cannon.)

Sweet Potato: 7/10 Without a doubt one of the most happiest plants in the series (ugh) but it does it's job well. Works great in Save Our Seeds, except in Pinata Party's when it is the one who needs saving. I haven't had that happen to me yet and I hope I never do.

Sap-fling: 8.5/10 I really like this guy. The only problem I have with him is that the sap disappears after a while. :(

Hurrikale: 9/10 When I first saw this, I thought it would be lame. I was wrong. It also blows away Jetpack Zombies, too.

Hot Potato: 3/10 Really, it's not a very helpful plant. I'd rather use other plants to get rid of the ice. (Say, Fire Peashooter, which I got before Frostbite Caves)

Pepper-pult: 7/10 A pretty helpful plant, basically. I like it, despite my hatred for peppers. My only complaint? RECHARGE FASTER!

Chard Guard: 7/10 Definitely better than Spring Bean, but can only be used 3 times. Unless you use Plant Food.

Fire Peashooter: 10/10 It's a very good plant to have around, and it's strong too. It's Plant Food is just too OP.

Stunion: 7/10 It's supposed to be a better Chili Bean, but I'd rather use Chili Bean. For one, it actually one shots a zombie, no matter it's health! (Except the Explorers, Robo Zombies, and stuff like that.)

Rotobaga: 6/10 Not as good as Starfruit, but it works I guess.

Dandelion: 9/10 I love this thing. It's great, powerful, and kills Jester Zombies. Works great with Blover and Hurrikale too. What's not to like? The cost.

Lava Guava: 10/10 FINALLY! Something invulnerable to Gargantuars!

Red Stinger: 10/10 Fast shooter and heavy damage. :)

A.K.E.E.: 11/10 VERY useful for any world. Especially dealing with Snorkel Zombies on BWB.

Endurian: 9/10 WAY better than Wall-nut and Infi-nut! Which is better, Tall-nut or this? I'm not sure.

Toadstool: 14/10 ALMOST better than Chomper! Problem is, its more expensive.

Stallia: 6/10 Slow recharge time. :(

Gold Leaf: 4/10 If only you could use it in other worlds.

Strawburst: 8/10 Great. I don't like that it's as expensive as a Coconut Cannon.

Cactus(PvZ 2): 9/10 It got such a GREAT buff! Although EA could've as easily given Chomper a buff...

Phat Beet: 4/10 Weak, worth too much sun. Not worth it.

Celery Stalker: 7/10 Better than Phat Beet, at least.

Thyme Warp: 8/10 Shame you can't use it in other worlds.

Electric Blueberry: 9/10 Why can't it have at least a little bit more defense? Or target Gargantuars? It can one-shot them, so why not?

Spore-shroom: 8/10 If it kills a weak zombie early on, just kiss that duplicate good-bye, pretty much.

Intensive Carrot: 11/10 I love just planting a Chili Bean, let it get eaten, then planting Intensive Carrot where the Chili Bean was. INFINITE FARTS!

Grapeshot: 12/10 An upgrade of Cherry Bomb, with an upgrade of Bowling Bulb, too! After buying it, there's barely been a single level where I didn't use it.

Primal Peashooter: 10/10 My opinions have changed for the better :)

Primal Wall-nut: 9/10 Better than Infi-nut! And any other defense plant!

Perfume-shroom: 13/10 And I thought Dark Ages was the world of the mushrooms. Also, you get to struggle through Jurassic World with dinos on your side.

Primal Sunflower: 11/10 Well, it's worth its weight in sun. Shame Modern Day introduced a new sun plant, or I would've used this longer.

Primal Potato-Mine: 9/10 About time Potato Mine got an upgrade.

Shrinking Violet: 11/10 Yay! Well, doesn't help with Newspaper Zombie. Not much, anyway.

Moonflower: 7/10 It recharges too slow, but it helps in most cases.

Nightshade: 9/10 Love the power and Plant Food ability!

Shadow-Shroom: 9/10 It looks extremely derpy, but is pretty good.

Dusk Lobber: 8/10 I wish it did more damage. At least it can fire along rows.

Grimrose: 10/10 Yay! The Shadow Boost makes it more awesome than it already is!

Gold Bloom: 12/10 Almost always a need for any difficult level.

Escape Root: 6/10 Why can't it just swap 2 different plant's positions? At least it can turn into Grapeshot.

Electric Currant: 3.5/10 Let's just say, that "Electric Boogaloo" was NOT worth it.

Blooming Heart: 0/10 I couldn't stop cringing at this thing.

Wasabi Whip: 8.5/10 Yay! (That's literally all I have)

So there are my PvZ 2 Plants ratings. Now onto the worst zombies!

Worst Zombies in PvZ

This was originally going to be a zombie rating section, but I scrapped the whole idea, as it woyld take up too much room. So I''m just going to list my least favorite zombies.

Gargantuar (any kind)

Zombie Chicken

Wizard Zombie (WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Jester Zombie

Zombie King

Surfer Zombie

Octodad Zombie

Fisherman Zombie

Weasel Hoarder (and the weasels)

John Hammond Zombie

Punk Zombie

Hair Metal Garg (especially)

Newspaper Zombie (PvZ2)

Fartball Zombie (PvZ2)

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