aka regret

  • I live in like eight different layers of obscurity, currently on the seventh
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is converting V-Bucks to U.S. dollars in my spare time, I can buy a skin soon
  • I am gonna tell the teacher if you continue poking my back with your pencil brandon

Ey what up, I'm Iliketrains455. But you already know that. You'll probably rarely ever find me here on the actual wiki. (Whoops!) I'm hella more active on the PvZW Discord, which I moderate and administrate. Yep, I'm a big boy. But please if you want to contact me on the wiki, do NOT call me ILT or Trains or anything remotely close to that. I go by Tito there. Or Niiva. Whatever floats ya boat. I regret making the ILT455 name and you can't change Wikia/Fandom names so whoops! I'm stuck with this bitch. Enough rambling, go on someone elses page or something, please. This page is a wasteland and you know it. Stop reading. I SAID STOP. Fine. You win. Read the two words that are on this page after this sentence, I dare you. Wait shit that's four

Discord admin
Discord moderator
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