Garney the Garnet Dragon

aka A Garnet Dragon

  • I live in An Floating Island
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is IDK
  • I am Fed up of school and love video games.

Hi, User! My name is Arnav,  but you can call me Garney/Gary! I joined this wiki as of 13th Oct. 2014, 8:15 p.m in India. I have loved Plants vs. Zombies from the day I found it! I have Plants vs. Zombies (laptop, DSi) and Plants vs. Zombies 2 (BlueStacks)

My sig:  GarnetDragonBaby Garney the Garnet Dragon talk  

My favourite and least favourite plants: 

PvZ 1:


Sunflower2 This user likes Sunflower.
Peashooter2 This user likes Peashooter.
Cherry Bomb2 This user likes Cherry Bomb.
Wall-nut2 This user likes Wall-nut.
Potato Mine2 This user likes Potato Mine.
Snow Pea2 This user hates Snow Pea.
Chomper2 This user likes Chomper.
Repeater2 This user hates Repeater.


Puff-shroom2 This user likes Puff-shroom.
Sun-shroom2 This user likes Sun-shroom.
Fume-shroom2 This user likes Fume-shroom.
Grave Buster2 This user likes Grave Buster.
Hypno-shroom2 This user likes Hypno-shroom.
Scaredy-shroom2 This user hates Scaredy-shroom.
Ice-shroom1 This user hates Ice-shroom.
Doom-shroom1 This user likes Doom-shroom.


Lily Pad2 This user likes Lily Pad.
Squash2 This user likes Squash.
Threepeater2 This user hates Threepeater.
Tangle Kelp2 This user likes Tangle Kelp.
Jalapeno2 This user likes Jalapeno.
Spikeweed2 This user likes Spikeweed.
Torchwood2 This user likes Torchwood.
Tall-nut2 This user likes Tall-nut.


Sea-shroom1 This user likes Sea-shroom.
Plantern2 This user hates Plantern.
Cactus2 This user hates Cactus.
Blover2 This user likes Blover.
Split Pea2 This user hates Split Pea.
Starfruit2 This user hates Starfruit.
Pumpkin2 This user likes Pumpkin.
Magnet-shroom2 This user likes Magnet-shroom.


Cabbage-pult2 This user likes Cabbage-pult.
Flower Pot1 This user likes Flower Pot.
Kernel-pult2 This user likes Kernel-pult.
Coffee Bean2 This user likes Coffee Bean.
Garlic2 This user hates Garlic.
Umbrella Leaf1 This user likes Umbrella Leaf.
Marigold2 This user likes Marigold.
Melon-pult2 This user likes Melon-pult.


Gatling Pea2 This user likes Gatling Pea.
Twin Sunflower2 This user likes Twin Sunflower.
Gloom-shroom1 This user hates Gloom-shroom.
Cattail2C This user likes Cattail.
Winter Melon2 This user likes Winter Melon.
Gold Magnet1 This user likes Gold Magnet.
Spikerock2 This user likes Spikerock.
Cob Cannon2 This user hates Cob Cannon.

My levels in EZ's:

Pyramid of Doom2 This user has completed 26 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.
Dead Man's Booty2 This user has completed 28 levels in Dead Man's Booty.
Big Bad Butte2 This user has completed 12 levels in Big Bad Butte.
Terror from Tomorrow2 This user has completed 35 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.
Arthur's Challenge2 This user has completed 12 levels in Arthur's Challenge.
Tiki Torch-er2 This user has completed 24 levels in Tiki Torch-er.
Icebound Battleground2 This user has completed 25 levels in Icebound Battleground.

My edits


My completions:

  • Added photos of all pre-1.7 plants on the new map.
  • Uploaded better & clear store-bought costume photos.

Lucky Blovers:


LOL wut?!?



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