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  • I live in The lost city
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is School student/youtuber
  • I am Male

About me

i am a pvzh fanatic and cannot wait for set 4 (Triassic Triumph) to come out

fan fic relationships

[[File:{{{plant1}}}{{{game1}}}.png|40px]] & [[File:{{{plant2}}}{{{game2}}}.png|40px]] This user's favorite plant duo is [[{{{plant1}}}|{{{plant1}}}]] and [[{{{plant2}}}|{{{plant2}}}]].

Brother and sister

superpower rankings:


Percision blast: 4/10 easy to prevent it hitting the zombie hero

sunburn:6/10 unique until Cryo brain came out

uncrackable: 11/10 useful and unique

devour: 0/10 imagine this your a chompzilla and you are about to win a game with 6 health but there is an undying pharaoh in the 2nd lane ,and before you know it a disco zombie is played so you are forced to use devour on it ,when the trick phase comes you get final mission in the face and bungee plumered

tater toss: 5/10 hot head is a upgraded potato mine, not worthy of a signature superpower

My favorite page

Pvz Pvz2 Card Hero Class
Zombies Pole-vaulting zombie ZVF Zombot 1000 Electric boogaloo Foot solide/crazy
Plants Cabbag-pult A.K.E.E Corncoupica Wall knight Citron/solar


i edit on the daily and I also blog once a week. School and procrastination might change that though

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