My plant life.

I am a Quadrupea. I was planted by Dave after he got enough sun. I have done my job well, taking out zombies on multiple rows and doing it at a faster rate than your average pea shooter. Of course I am still not the strongest, but I am very versatile. I can take out multiple weaker enemies across a few rows, or I can deliver quick high damage to a singular target on one row. I know I can count on Dave to put me in a good spot. Right now I am in the middle of three rows each with a sunflower closest to the house, me in front of them alongside two pea shooters with a tallnut in front of each of us and a wallnut in front of each of them. A very tactical defensive strategy it is.

Also i'm a pirate soo yeah.....​ARR.

My favorite pages

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Games I've played.

Plants vs. Zombies, 'Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

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