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About me

I am a Chinese, so I know a lot about PvZ 2C features.

My favorite pages

  • [Primal Sunflower]
  • [Sugarcane Master]
  • [Primal Rafflesia]

Please use this tab as the pages that I made (or did major work) and/or needs help.

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

Tell the other users on the wiki what Plants vs. Zombies games you have!

BOTH versions of PvZ 2

== ==
The Great Prophecy == ==

"A new Chinese game of PvZ is coming...... There will be lots of cards and exclusive plants and zombies...... PopcapC had removed the old to fit this new game...... It will be officially born as as officially dies......When released fairness will come again for the international and Chinese......And I, I will get it ASAP."

Friends and Enemies


[Phantom of Ra] best best friend, My favorite admin and sort of like my boss......

All other Chinese and maybe Vietnamese on this wiki.


Spammers, Trollers, and Vandalyzers......

PvZH cards (no rarity settings)

Tactical Cuke: Red, cost 9, stats 9/9, destroy all zombie fighters when played.

Imp Cannon: Black, cost 4, stats 0/4, make a swabbie at start of each turn.

Cannons can fly!!!: Purple, cost 4, trick, deal 2 damage to plant hero (cannot be blocked) for each Imp present on screen.

Bamboo Brother: Brown, cost 2, stats 1/4, team-up, bounce the first zombie in its line when played.

MC Zombie: Purple, cost 6, stats 5/2, frenzy, attacks plants here and next door.

Primal Sunflower: Yellow, cost 2, stats 2/1, make 1 sun each turn.

Musketeer Zombie: Black, cost 4, stats 3/2, bullseye, N/A

Doctor zombie: Orange, cost 4, stats 0/3, N/A, heal a zombie by 2 or freeze a plant at end of each turn.
HD Imp Worker Wrench
They can be tough nuts to crack.
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