=About me

I am 13 yrs. old. My favorite pvz zombies are: Jack-in-the-box-zombie, buccaneer zombie [Rope swinging zombie.], the Artic trooper, Jester zombie, Octo zombie, Conehead zombie, Chicken wrangler zombie and the Fisherman zombie. My favorite plants include potato mine, sunflower, toxic pea, and cat tail

I also play Destiny, Halo, call of duty, and Star wars battlefront
Fisherman Zombie2

Fish were soooo! 2 days ago I decided to get all trendy and modern and try fishing for plants... It totally ruined my reputation

Home Lawn Security

Ok time traveling without including me was cruel enough but this is just offensive


My cat

My photo

I love the fog

Hunter Zombie

I graduated from Zomboss academy in 112 b.c as a legendary snowball fighter for the mammoths. Sadly I made a mistake and somehow I ended up getting demoted to fighting plants.

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My cousin Bob

==My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)==
I also play games when in not eating brains or looking to see what's that jack-in-the- box of mine [ which was a very bad choice]

I have no Idea why this is like this ^

I also play video games I play call of duty advanced warfare, destiny, pvz garden warfare, Madden 25-15, Pvz 2, Minecraft and more...

Credits BigBrain

mmmmmmm. brainz

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