DatDramaPlant/Workshop is a galactic rare plant trick card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow class. Only fill up if this card can be obtained by any other mean. {{{Gender Pronoun}}} costs 1SunPvZH to play, {{#switch:Trick |Trick = and {{{Gender Pronoun1}}} ability moves a zombie and Conjures a Banana |Teammate = and has {{{strength}}}StrengthPvZH/{{{health}}}Either yes or no.. {{#switch: {{{Traits and/or ability?}}} |Has both traits and ability= {{{Gender Pronoun}}} has the Put in either 1 trait or 2 traits to view the outcome, and its Put in either 1 ability or 2 abilities to view the outcome |Just ability= {{{Gender Pronoun}}} does not have any traits, and {{{Gender Pronoun1}}} Put in either 1 ability or 2 abilities to view the outcome |Has just traits= {{{Gender Pronoun}}} has the {{#switch:{{{Number of traits}}} |1 trait={{#ifexist:{{PvZH Icon||[[File:|20px|link=]][[Card#{{{trait1}}}|{{{trait1}}}]] |2 traits={{#ifexist:{{PvZH Icon||[[File:|20px|link=]][[Card#{{{trait1}}}|{{{trait1}}}]] and {{#ifexist:{{PvZH Icon||[[File:|20px|link=]][[Card#{{{trait2}}}|{{{trait2}}}]] |5 traits={{#ifexist:{{PvZH Icon||[[File:|20px|link=]][[Card#{{{trait1}}}|{{{trait1}}}]], {{#ifexist:{{PvZH Icon||[[File:|20px|link=]][[Card#{{{trait2}}}|{{{trait2}}}]], {{#ifexist:{{PvZH Icon|{{{trait3 icon}}}|[[File:|20px|link=]][[Card#{{{trait3}}}|{{{trait3}}}]], {{#ifexist:[[File:|20px|link=]] Fill up with either yes or no

Was the card released later or scrapped?

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