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  • I live in UAE
  • I was born on November 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Hello, User, welcome to my user page

Hello! Welcome to my user page. I'm Cyborg Ranger, but you can call me CR or Partylover (old name) I am a little bit more active than the past few months, so you can contact me!

PvZ Tiers

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Name Image Description Rating
Player's House
Sunflower Sunflower2 Well, now that it makes 50 sun, it's more useful than before. But there are better plants than this. 4/10
Peashooter Peashooter2 Weak 3/10
Wall-nut Wall-nut2 Only good early game 4/10
Potato Mine Potato Mine2 Your first instant-kill, takes too long to arm up though. 5/10
Ancient Egypt
Cabbage-pult Cabbage-pult2 Weak 4/10
Bloomerang Bloomerang2 It's a decent plant, until you obtain Laser Bean 5/10
Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce2 One of the better plants, can stall zombies while getting more sun. 6/10
Grave Buster Grave Buster2 Only used for AE and DA 2/10
Bonk Choy Bonk Choy2 A useful plant early and mid-game 6/10
Repeater Repeater2 Reliable shooter 6.5/10
Twin Sunflower Twin Sunflower2 An awesome sun-maker, goodbye Sunflower 7/10
Pirate Seas
Kernel-pult Kernel-pult2 Decent plant, weak by itself tho 6/10
Snapdragon Snapdragon2 Now this is a great plant. AoE attacks + decent damage, pretty well balanced. 7/10
Spikeweed Spikeweed2 Can't kill a normal Zombie 4/10
Spring Bean Spring Bean2 Bad by itself, needs Blover 4/10
Coconut Cannon Coconut Cannon2 High damage, 3x3 effect plant. Downside is high sun cost and slow fire rate. 5/10
Threepeater Threepeater2 Not that useful, but is awesome in groups 6/10
Spikerock Spikerock2 Ah, the Gargantuar staller. Can kill Zombies by itself too. 7/10
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb2 A must need for most levels 9/10
Wild West
Split Pea Split Pea2 Only useful on some situations 3.5/10
Chili Bean Chili Bean2 Better Potato Mine? Thanks! 7/10
Pea Pod Pea Pod2 I won't waste 600 sun for 1 lane, it's not even that powerful 4/10
Lightning Reed Lightning Reed2 Decent plant, but low damage. Can arc to lots of zombies, tho. 5/10
Melon-pult Melon-pult2 Reliable damage source, splash damage, can kill Bucketheads? Yes please! 7/10
Tall-nut Tall-nut2 Meh, I rarely use this plant 6/10
Winter Melon Winter Melon2 Must need for Endless Zones 9/10
Far Future
Laser Bean Laser Bean2 TBA TBA
Blover Blover2 TBA TBA
Citron Citron2 TBA TBA
E.M.Peach E.M.Peach2 TBA TBA
Infi-nut Infi-nut2 TBA TBA
Magnifying Grass Magnifying Grass2 TBA TBA
Tile Turnip Tile Turnip2 TBA TBA
Dark Ages
Sun-shroom Sun-shroom2 TBA TBA
Puff-shroom Puff-shroom2 TBA TBA
Fume-shroom Fume-shroom2 TBA TBA
Sun Bean Sun Bean2 TBA TBA
Magnet-shroom Magnet-shroom2 TBA TBA
Big Wave Beach
Lily Pad Lily Pad2 TBA TBA
Tangle Kelp Tangle Kelp2 TBA TBA
Bowling Bulb Bowling Bulb2 TBA TBA
Guacodile Guacodile2 TBA TBA
Banana Launcher Banana Launcher2 TBA TBA
Frostbite Caves
Hot Potato Hot Potato2 TBA TBA
Pepper-pult Pepper-pult2 TBA TBA
Chard Guard Chard Guard2 TBA TBA
Stunion Stunion2 TBA TBA
Rotobaga Rotobaga2 TBA TBA
Lost City
Red Stinger Red Stinger2 TBA TBA
Endurian Endurian2 TBA TBA
Stallia Stallia2 TBA TBA
Gold Leaf Gold Leaf2 TBA TBA
Neon Mixtape Tour
Phat Beet Phat Beet2 TBA TBA
Celery Stalker Celery Stalker2 TBA TBA
Thyme Warp Thyme Warp2 TBA TBA
Spore-shroom Spore-shroom2 TBA TBA
Garlic Garlic2 TBA TBA
Intensive Carrot Intensive Carrot2 TBA TBA
Jurassic Marsh
Primal Peashooter Primal Peashooter2 TBA TBA
Primal Wall-nut Primal Wall-nut2 TBA TBA
Perfume-shroom Perfume-shroom2 TBA TBA
Primal Sunflower Primal Sunflower2 TBA TBA
Primal Potato Mine Primal Potato Mine2 TBA TBA
Modern Day
Moonflower Moonflower2 TBA TBA
Nightshade Nightshade2 TBA TBA
Shadow-shroom Shadow-shroom2 TBA TBA
Dusk Lobber Dusk Lobber2 TBA TBA
Grimrose Grimrose2 TBA TBA
Epic Quests
Gold Bloom Gold Bloom2 TBA TBA
Electric Currant Electric Currant2 TBA TBA
Aloe Aloe2 TBA TBA
Snow Pea Snow Pea2 TBA TBA
Power Lily Power Lily2 TBA TBA
Squash Squash2 TBA TBA
Torchwood Torchwood2 TBA TBA
Jalapeno Jalapeno2 TBA TBA
Imitater Imitater2 TBA
Starfruit Starfruit2 TBA TBA
Hypno-shroom Hypno-shroom2 TBA TBA
Pea-nut Pea-nut2 TBA TBA
Chomper Chomper2 TBA TBA
Homing Thistle Homing Thistle2 TBA TBA
Ghost Pepper Ghost Pepper2 TBA TBA
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato2 TBA TBA
Sap-fling Sap-fling2 TBA TBA
Hurrikale Hurrikale2 TBA TBA
Fire Peashooter Fire Peashooter2 TBA TBA
Dandelion Dandelion2 TBA TBA
Lava Guava Lava Guava2 TBA TBA
Toadstool Toadstool2 TBA TBA
Strawburst Strawburst2 TBA TBA
Cactus Cactus2 TBA TBA
Electric Blueberry Electric Blueberry2 TBA TBA
Jack O' Lantern Jack O' Lantern2 TBA TBA
Grapeshot Grapeshot2 TBA TBA
Cold Snapdragon Cold Snapdragon2 TBA TBA
Shrinking Violet Shrinking Violet2 TBA TBA
Blooming Heart Blooming Heart2 TBA TBA
Escape Root Escape Root2 TBA TBA

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