About me

I like editing articles in this wiki. my favorite plants in PVZ are: Winter Melon, Melon-pult, and Cattail. my favorite plants in PVZ2 are: Coconut Cannon, Cherry Bomb, Winter Melon, Thyme Warp, all Jurassic Marsh plants, Dusk Lobber, Ghost Pepper, Dandelion, and Shadow Peashooter. my favorite zombies in PVZ are: Football Zombie, the old Dancing Zombie, and the old Backup Dancer. my favorite zombies in PVZ2 are: Rodeo Legend Zombie, Arcade Zombie, 8-bit Zombie, and All-Star Zombie.

My Plants vs. Zombies games

The games I have are: PVZ, PVZ2, PVZ H, and PVZ (DS Version)

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