aka CoachSDot

  • I live in The universe
  • My occupation is Being an unproductive deadbeat
  • I am Male and currently inactive

About me

I am a person, I like things like Sonic the Hedgehog. Not much to say really, other than I have a twitter. But I am an EXTREMELY different person there.

I also have a YouTube it's linked to "My Website"

My Games

On my Xbox One, I play games such as Happy Wars, Garden Warfare 2, Killer Instinct, ETC. Don't mind the Just Dance and NBA games, I have to share my profile so...

I am currently not active on Xbox for private reasons I do not want to say. My GT is CoachSDot


Every single meme I have ever made. Add MOAR if you feel like it, but tell me and claim said meme as your own.

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