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Local PvZ, Brawl Stars, and Kirby nerd, horrible artist who tries anyway, on and off villain. Favorite Plants: Citron2.png Witch Hazel2.png Cold Snapdragon2.png Gold Bloom2.png Winter Melon1.png Ghost Pepper2.png Grapeshot2.png Doom-shroom1.png Spikerock1.png Toadstool2.png Sun-shroom2.png Parsnip2.png Cattail2C.png Primal Rafflesia2.png Aspiragus2.png
Favorite Zombies: Zombie Medusa2.png Jack-in-the-Box Zombie1.png All-Star Zombie2.png Backup Dancer1.png Bungee Zombie1.png Pelican Zombie2.png Parasol Zombie2.png Glitter Zombie2.png 8-Bit Zombie2.png Centurion Zombie2.png Cavalry Zombie2.png Arbiter-X2.png Perfume Zombie2.png

Welcome, User, to my lair humble page.


The name's CITRONtanker, and I'm a Rollback here at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki! This is actually my second go-around at this gig- I served as a rollback/chat mod here a few years ago (I forget exactly when). I resigned from my position off of the heels of an event I'm sure the longer tenured on this wiki will remember. But here I am, back to help make this wiki the best it can be, and have a little fun while doing so.

I try to be very approachable in general- Plants vs. Zombies is a series I hold very near and dear to me. It's been a part of my life since my childhood, and I always love to chat about it with others. So if you have any questions, or just want to strike up a friendly conversation, my door is always open to you! Just know that I can say a lot about the things I'm passionate about. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

But you certainly want to know more about me, don't you? Well, I aim to do just that in this here page.

Scroll down, if you wish to suffer.

The Villain of the Wiki
Favorite Plants: Citron2.png Witch Hazel2.png Cold Snapdragon2.png Gold Bloom2.png Winter Melon1.png Ghost Pepper2.png Grapeshot2.png Doom-shroom1.png Spikerock1.png Toadstool2.png Sun-shroom1.png Parsnip2.png
Favorite Zombies:

Zombie Medusa2.png Jack-in-the-Box Zombie1.png All-Star Zombie2.png Backup Dancer1.png Bungee Zombie1.png Pelican Zombie2.png Parasol Zombie2.png Glitter Zombie2.png 8-Bit Zombie2.png Centurion Zombie2.png Zombot Dark Dragon2.png

PvZ Games I've played:

PvZ1 (20+ times over)
PvZGW 1+2
PvZBFN (formerly)

Other game series I love:

Super Smash Bros
Brawl Stars
Super Mario
Shovel Knight
A Hat in Time
Star Wars Battlefront


Plants vs. Zombies (duh!)
Citron. And tanks.
Making the most trivial, yet helpful edits you can imagine. You'll thank me someday.
Reading (don't leave)
Chatting with others
People with a sense of humor
Memes (provided they are actually funny)
Rap/hip-hop music
Dumb and Dumber


People who don't like Citron
Big Wave Beach
Toxic people
The man who came up with Citrons BFN design
Peashooters (those damn Pogo Peas)
Adam Sandler movies (just... no)
Country music

I like Belle. A lot.
About Me

But, just who am I? They call me CITRONtanker. I'm a man of many personalities, of many forms. Think you've seen me? Think again. I am everywhere.

I was a former Rollback around here, retiring my staffing duties as a Chat Moderator (R.I.P. The Lawn). I left for a prolonged period of time due to an... incident I'm sure the longer tenured on this wiki will remember. But I've put that behind me now, and willing to help out this wiki, however small it may be. I'm a shameless PvZ nerd- it's a hobby, and I love it. I'd say I'm pretty approachable, so don't be shy to strike up a conversation. Although I may write up a super long response, depending on the topic. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Also... while I have you here... listen to RWBY music. Please.

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PvZ Games I've Played
Cute but useless.png

Plants vs. Zombies - I adore this game. I've completed it to it's fullest, right down to unlocking the Tree of Wisdoms cheat codes. And I still replay it to this day, going through it again and again.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Man, I don't even wanna know how much time I've logged into this game. Ever since its release, I have played the hell out of PvZ2. Sure, the microtransactions can piss me off, but I still do like the core gameplay, plant leveling aside. I can just never pull myself away from it, but unlike another game, I do really like it, in spite of its flaws.

Plants. vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - I got into GW1 pretty late actually, only less than a year before GW2's release. But I still did enjoy it a lot, and although I didn't unlock too many characters, it was enough proof I needed to make GW2 a firm lock for purchase.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 -I adore this game. I've logged well over 200 hours into it, got through the Trials of Gnomus, and unlocked most of the characters. Not much I can really say about it that anyone else has. It just slaps.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes - While I played this game to no end in its prime, I'm not gonna lie, I don't play it much nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but I really wish it got more content. It really deserved to get more support than it did.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Rather than rant about my issues with this game, I'll sum it up like this- it's the game I don't like that I can't stop playing.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 - Because of Bluestacks screwing me over, I didn't play a lot of PvZ3, but lets just say, I'm glad they're overhauling it.


TULO - I have such immense respect for this man and all he's done for the wiki. I haven't conversed with him a ton, but he always shows maturity and class whenever he does.

Drek - You're a meme man, Drek, and I mean that in the nicest sense of the word. But Marine Biologist is the supreme Scientist, my boy.

Impy - I remember how the Discord used to be. But the new ownership is really bumping it up, largely due to a pair of great owners (shoutout to you too, GRAND UMP. I'd add you but the source didn't allow me.)

Yeah, it's small for now, but then, I don't know many of the newer users around. But don't worry, you could find yourself here someday!

Far Future World Map Icon.png
Ranking the PvZ2 Worlds (Worst to best)
Far Future World Map Icon.png

11. Jurassic Lack of Ideas Ranking Jurassic Marsh at the bottom is a bit of a dilemma, because I really dig the prehistoric theme of the world. But I just found this world to be devoid of ideas. The two new zombies are just a Blockhead Zombie clone, and the Jurassic Bully is pretty meh. And all the new plants except for Perfume Shroom are primal versions of existing plants, and while the dinosaurs are really cool, they're no substitute for unique zombies. The music is good, but so is all the music in the game, really. So sorry, Jurassic Marsh, you gotta sit at the bottom.

10. Tomb and Bored First world in the game, it's not meant to be that fun. Need I say more?

9. Thy World is Too Shorteth Dark Ages is a cool world that's too short to leave any much impact on me at all. Also, kazoo. I love the plants and zombies found in this world, but not only is it only 20 levels, but some levels are devilishly hard here. But nowhere near as bad as...

8. Welcome to Hell No set of levels in Plants vs. Zombies come close to the mental damage that Big Wave Beach left on me. 32 levels of pure misery to complete. From the gimmick of the water level, to the maddeningly annoying zombies that are found here, and the at times downright unfair level conditions, this world will rack you to your very core if you neglect the leveling system. But I don't rank it lower because I love the theming and music of the world. I just never want to torture myself in it again.

7. I ain't good, I ain't bad, and I sure as hell ain't ugly... Wild West is pretty standard fare. I'm not all to keen on the music, but I do love the theme, even if I'm not the biggest fan of western movies. It has some great plants and the zombies encountered there (those damn Chickens aside) are among some of my favorites.

6. Yar har, fiddle dee dee Easily my favorite of the first three worlds, Pirate Seas has a great theme, great music, and great plants and zombies. And while I do find the water a bit restrictive, it's nowhere near bad enough to tarnish the world.

5. Ice Ice Baby Frostbite Caves is the superior prehistoric world compared to Jurassic Marsh, by a long shot. I love the gimmicks present in this world, and how it emphasizes fire based plants. It's a good level of challenge, not too hard, not too easy. I also find it kind neat how all the plants obtained in this world are vegetables, and the slider tiles open up creative plant setups as well. The music prevents me from putting it any higher- it's probably my least favorite music in the game, but it's still fun.

4. Plants vs. Zombies: Endgame Look, I know it's kinda lazy to combine every world together, but I just dig the idea of throwing all the zombies and gimmicks throughout time back into the present, mixed with zombies from the previous game. I dig the fact that they brought back Beghouled, and although I wish there was at least one returning plant, I like the concept of shadow plants. But what puts it so high on my list? The music. Taking music from the first game mixed with instruments from the other world? Right in the nostalgia, man...

3. Dance, Dance till You're Dead Damn, who made these beats? They're so good that they change the way zombies work! I love how much the jams change, which keep you on your toes, and this world has some of my favorite zombies in the game. Punk Zombie, Glitter Waifu, and those sweet, sweet 8-Bit Zombies. No to mention how flashy the whole world looks. Bursting with color, my favorite kind of style. Although that boss battle can go die.

2. Indiana Jones would be proud Lost City truly feels like an adventure. The combination of Excavator Zombies and Parasol Zombies forced me to use different strategies than I normally did, and it was glorious. I created elaborate strategies unlike any other world in the game. The Gold Tiles start as pure help to you, and might seem like a crutch, but once the Imp Porters show up, they can prove to be a hazard as well. These two things combine to give this world the perfect balance of challenge. The music is suitably epic, and each and every plant introduced here, and I do mean all, I adore. Not as much as a certain orange, but still great. Speaking of which...

1. The Future is Friendly My personal bias of plants aside, Far Future is a land of coolness, one that I cannot stop revisiting again and again. I always love it when games go for a futuristic type of theme, and PvZ2 nails it completely. This is also the only real world in the game where not only the zombies, but the plants fit the theme of the world absolutely perfectly. Not only is Citron here, but also Laser Beam, Infi-nut, Blover, and more. The music is really good too, fitting of the world, and the mechanical zombies here are awesomeness incarnate. Awesome world... and certainly worth the hype and build-up it received.