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This are some decks that I would put up but do not wish to be a nuisence so yah. Also, if you think some of my decks are bad, feel free to move it here under the Bad Decks section. Also, I will be putting up a 15000-20000 spark deck for each hero once I get the time.

Grass KnucklesH Double Power (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Guardian Icon
Potted PowerhouseH x4 Doubled MintH x4 Umbrella LeafH x4 Grow-ShroomH x4 PhotosynthesizerH x4
Force FieldH x3 The Red Plant-ItH x3 Wall-NutH x4 Steel MagnoliaH x4 Water ChestnutH x4
Loco CocoH x2

Bad Decks:

Decks that cost between 15000 to 20000 sparks to craft - 1 per hero (in progress)

Green ShadowH Pdeoap (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
This deck is your typical pea-boosting deck for Green Shadow. Cost: 2L, 4E, 4S, 7R, 4U, 19C = 17950
Pea PodH x4 Snow PeaH x4 Lily of the ValleyH x4 RepeaterH x3 The PodfatherH x4
Pod FighterH x4 Sweet PeaH x4 Grow-ShroomH x4 FertilizeH x4 Plant FoodH x3
Gatling PeaH x2

Solar FlareH Choke Loops (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Healing loop that only stops when your opponent blocks. However, he only gets 3 blocks per game, so the fourth time would be neverending! Cost: 1L,4E, 4S, 6R, 19U,6C: 14450 I know I said between 15000 to 20000 but lower should be ok rite?
HeartichokeH x4 Venus FlytraplanetH x4 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x4 Ketchup MechanicH x4 Lil' BuddyH x4
Mushroom GrottoH x3 Shroom for TwoH x2 Berry BlastH x3 Berry AngryH x4 Puff-ShroomH x4
Venus FlytrapH x4 SquashH x3 Astro VeraH x1

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

Tell the other users on the wiki what Plants vs. Zombies games you have!

(Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes) Don't have the warfares

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