The only user without Lucky Blovers. That's what I'm guessing. Got a Lucky Blover now! I'm on Frostbite Caves now, recently unlocked Chard Guard!

My almanac entry

NOTE: My almanac will constantly change, so look closely for some changes.


Both a defensive and offensive plant, blocks off zombies with more health than a Wall-nut and shoots lightning bolts, faster and stronger than Lightning Reed. He can also heal himself at times. Also a Rollback and Chat Moderator on the PvZ wiki, helps many and ranked #48.

Damage: Moderate

Toughness: Very high (100 health)

Special: Can attack at all lanes, but not backward

Age: Toddler (how long I have been here in wiki years, obviously not my age in real life)

Edits: Fair

Despite what his name suggests, Angry3456 is not actually angry. He is sick of people lazily calling him "Angry". "There's a 3, 4, 5, 6, or Bolty my real name people! And I've got the tough shell to prove it!".

Recharge: Slow

Sun Cost: 600 (well, it's worth the sun)

About me

Hello User, this is Angry3456, you can call me Bolty, Bolty the Wall-nut, Wall-nut or just my username. I'm SICK of people calling me "Angry". I am here because I enjoy Plants vs. Zombies, and wanted to check out the wiki. I now try to help the wiki, but at first I wasn't that smart and Dr. Breakfast had to undo one of my edits. I also like Angry Birds (I now lost interest in that series), Rabbids, Annoying Orange, SpongeBob and other stuff. Bye bye, and Toodleoo!! I am also a rollback, chat mod and forum mod on this wiki, and Someone456 promoted me to Rollback while Brainulator9 promoted me to Chat Mod.

Peashooter disguised as a bird to get in the Bird Party, while Red tries to figure him out.

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

I have the iPod Touch free, iPad and Game of the Year PC versions of Plants vs. Zombies 1.

I have the iPod Touch and iPad versions of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

I have the iPad and Kindle Fire version of the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

I have the PS3 version of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, getting PC version soon.

I have the iPad version of Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

I have the Kindle Fire version of Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West.

I have the Kindle Fire version of Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition.

I have the Kindle Fire version of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Random notes

At first, I thought the Sunflower and Wall-nut were useless. How crazy was I!

I don't like the PS3 version of Garden Warfare a lot. For one, it doesn't have Boss Mode nor Split Screen. For two, the game can occasionally crash if you're in Garden Ops. For three, the graphics are not as good. That's why the PC version will be MUCH MUCH better, but I don't have a video card. I can't believe many people have the PC version and didn't have problems.


I LOVE I mean, LOVE making userboxes. It's addicting!

Torchwood1.png This user edits on the Angry Birds Wiki
Jalapeno1.png This user is a Chat Moderator and an Admin on the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki
Garlic2.png This user edits the most on the Annoying Orange Wiki
Peashooter1.png This user edits on the Plants vs. Zombies wiki, as you all know.
Second Life.png This user has beaten Adventure Mode one time(s).
[[|40px]] This user thinks the best update in Plants vs. Zombies 2 is v. 3.3.2.
Zombie Yeti1.png This user has seen the Zombie Yeti 4 times (iPad version).
Zombie Yeti1.png This user has seen the Zombie Yeti 13 times (PC version).
Toxic Pea.png This user's favorite plant is the Toxic Pea (rating 8.5/10).
Fire Pea.png This user's favorite plant is the Fire Pea. (rating 8/10).
Ice pea.png This user likes Ice Pea. (rating 6.5/10).
Commando Pea.png This user likes Commando Pea. (rating 7.5/10)
Agent Pea.png This user's favorite plant is the Agent Pea. (rating 10/10)
Law Pea.png This user likes Law Pea. (rating 7.5/10)
BerryShooter.png This user's least favorite plant is the Berry Shooter. (rating 4/10)
Plasma Pea5.png This user's least favorite plant is the Plasma Pea. (rating 4.5/10)

SurvivalEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 47 flags in Survival: Endless.

(iPad version)

SurvivalEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 51 flags in Survival: Endless.

(PC version)

VaseBreakerTemplate.png This user has achieved a streak of 7 in Vasebreaker: Endless in Plants vs. Zombies.
IZombieTemplate.png This user has achieved a streak of 17 in I, Zombie: Endless.

With hacks. I had to that..

TreeofWisdom.png This user's Tree of Wisdom is 890 feet tall.
(PC version)
LastStandEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 67 flags in Last Stand: Endless.

(iPad version)

Almanac GroundNight.jpg This user's least favorite area is Night.
Almanac GroundDay.jpg This user's favorite area is Day.
Wall-nut2.png This user needs to edit more and achieve more goals instead of being a lazy plant.
Dead Man's Booty2.png This user has completed 13 levels in Dead Man's Booty.
Terror from Tomorrow2.png This user has completed 20 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.
Pyramid of Doom2.png This user has completed 15 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.
Big Bad Butte2.png This user has completed 12 levels in Big Bad Butte.
Arthur's Challenge2.png This user has completed 2 levels in Arthur's Challenge.
Mah favorite


Very Good Ones

Gloom-shroom1.png Pumpkin1.png Cob Cannon1.png Winter Melon1.png Umbrella Leaf1.png Cherry Bomb1.pngCattail1.png


Gold Magnet1.png Split Pea1.png


Please note I am still in Frostbite Caves, so I'm way behind, who cares, but these are opinions. I haven't purchased Power Lily, but she seems good.

Mah favorite


Very Good Ones

Sun-shroom2.png Winter Melon2.png Chard Guard2.png Power Lily2.png Shrinking Violet2.png Infi-nut2.pngCherry Bomb2.png


Bowling Bulb2.png Puff-shroom2.png

Plant Opinions

1769829-plant peashooter thumb.png
Plants vs. Zombies
1769829-plant peashooter thumb.png
1z148ow th.gif

Peashooter: 6/10. Useful at first, but becomes useless later on.

Sunflower: 9.5/10. We NEED this plant. It is cream of the ice cream or...the flavor of the ice cream? Whatever, it's like that, we just need it.

Cherry Bomb: 9/10. Super useful for blowing up pesky zombies, pretty powerful. It's funny this is one of the first plants given in the game.

Wall-nut: 7.5/10. Useful for blocking zombies, however, not as useful later on in this game. In Wall-nut Bowling, I give him a 9/10 because I like he ricochets and stuff!

Potato Mine: 9/10. Really good for starting levels off. I really think using Squash or Peashooter is worse than using him. Saves up sun x times.

Snow Pea: 7/10. Not bad, but is the most useless slowing plant in my opinion. It can only hit one zombie at a time, and is a Repeater that costs less but is not useful with Torchwood.

Chomper: 7/10. I don't get why everybody in the wiki thinks he's the worst plant, I think he's bad but not too bad. He can really get rid of a tough zombie very easily but the chewing time is way too slow. I think that's the downside everybody dislikes about him.

Repeater: 8/10. Repeater is a very useful plant in the beginning of the game, but not so much later on. Still, him or Gatling Pea combined with Torchwood can make for a very powerful defense. So I guess he can be good later in the game, but it just depends on your playstyle.


Puff-shroom: 8/10. Almost needed at the start of every nighttime level, weak but useful at the cost of no sun. Also it is very useful for delaying Gargantuars in Survival: Endless. Because sometimes Gargantuars will crush my offensive plants but delaying them with these is a perfect idea.

Sun-shroom: 8/10. A nighttime Sunflower, not really powerful but cheap enough.

Fume-shroom: 8.5/10. One of the most useful mushrooms in the game. Not only is he needed to upgrade to Gloom-shroom in Survival Endless, but he can also be used by himself in that mode to damage all those zombies in that area, useful for Zombonis and Jacks! Very good.

Grave Buster: 8.5/10. We need him to get rid of those nasty graves that pop-up on your lawn - or your roof if you hack to get Survival Roof Night, lol.

Hypno-shroom: 7.5/10. Meh, good for hypnotizing Football Zombies and Dancing Zombies, they can be really powerful, but not really as useful later on.

Scaredy-shroom: 7/10. He's just a nocturnal version of the Peashooter, apart from the fact he gets scared when a near zombie comes near him. So yeah...

Ice-shroom: 9.5/10. This shroom, man, he saves my thick skull which saves my brain. He can freeze ALL zombies on the screen for a few seconds, and can prevent incidents like exploding Jacks and Gargantuars crushing your plants in Survival Endless. Not useful against Zombonis, sadly.

Doom-shroom: 9/10. Really good, I use him in Survival Endless in the pool to get rid of a whole lot of zombies on the screen. This guy can prevent incidents such as Jacks and Gargs crushing your plants as well, but his only weakness is his crater that he leaves. So I can't just put that down right when it's ready.

Tangle Kelp1.png

Lily Pad: 10/10. Definitely needed for pool levels.

Squash: 8.5/10. He's good, he can crush multiple zombies at once, and is also useful against Gargantuars.

Threepeater: 7.5/10. Not really a fan of Peashooters that only shoot one pea at a time, but this can be good with Torchwood if a bunch are put on the lawn. Just don't use this in Survival Endless.

Tangle Kelp: 7.5/10. Like an aquatic version of the Potato Mine, but this can only snag one zombie, so he isn't better than Potato Mine or Squash.

Jalapeno: 8/10. He's not bad, but he can only attack one lane, and is good in Column Like You See 'Em and instances when you see both the Gargantuar and Imp in the same lane. But not so good in Survival Endless if you rely on the laddering strategy. He's also good with ice trails, Bobsled Zombies and Zomboni.

Spikeweed: 8/10. Good as a starter to pop the first Zomboni's tires, but he can only take smash or one pop. I sometimes use him in Survival Endless, but only to get rid of the Zombonis.

Torchwood: 8.5/10. Very good with Gatling Peas, three of them are as about as enough to take down a Giga-gargantuar. I use him on one of the lanes in Survival Endless.

Tall-nut: 8/10. Has high health, can block many annoying zombies such as Dolphin Rider. But he isn't useful in Survival Hard Modes and Endless modes because of the many zombies like Gargantuar and Zomboni that just ignore Tall-nut and crush him.


Sea-shroom: 8/10. I have zero idea why he has a slow recharge, but you can put enough down before the first Ducky Tube appears. He is free like the Puff-shroom.

Plantern: 8/10. He is good for clearing out the fog, as two are guaranteed two get rid of all fog and they can last forever. However, his lack of defense is his only drawback.

Cactus: 6/10. Her only purpose is to pop Balloon Zombies. I would only recommend using her before you obtain Blover or Cattail. She only does as much damage as a normal Peashooter and has no extra defense except to block vaulting zombies when its body is stretched, but that's a rare occurrence. To fight Balloon Zombies, I would use Cattail in Pool and Fog and Blover in the rest of the areas.

Blover: 8.5/10. He is good for blowing away the fog and Balloon Zombies. It is a two-in-one deal, but the only drawback is the fog keeps coming back. Well, I recommend Planterns in the pool for getting rid of the fog. Just plant Pumpkins on 'em.

Split Pea: 5/10. Even worse than the normal Peashooter, yikes. Only one purpose, like the Cactus: To take care of Digger Zombies. You can even not use the Split Pea as you can even purchase Cattail or Gloom-shroom after Level 4-4, before any Digger Zombies appear. Just purchase Cattail than using this, as Cattails can attack at any range, even backwards. And Gloom-shrooms can attack behind them too, making them also useful against Diggers.

Starfruit: 7/10. I don't understand why few people thinks he is very good. He cannot kill a normal zombie if he is in the same lane as one. He can be OP in the pool, though, however to make him OP in the pool though you need many Starfruits, which wastes space which are needed for Gloom-shrooms and Twin Sunflowers.

Pumpkin: 10/10. YES. Very useful for protecting your plants in Survival Endless and takes care of Dolphin Riders and other various zombies. But still, Zombonis and Gargantuars can crush them, and they actually have a larger hitbox which is weird.

Magnet-shroom: 7.5/10. Good for taking care of buckets and football helmets, but he's not really useful for Survival Endless. There are so many zombies that Magnet-shrooms are quite useless and take up a lot of space.

Flower Pot1.png
Umbrella Leaf1.png

Flower Pot: 10/10. Definitely needed for roof levels.

Cabbage-pult: 6.5/10. The equivalent of a Peashooter that can attack zombies on the Roof. Well I'd prefer Kernel-pult or Melon-pult over him, but he's essential for the first few Roof levels.

Kernel-pult: 8/10. A really great plant, plus he is needed to have the Cob Cannon. The butter is really good for slowing down zombies, and has the sun cost of a Cabbage-pult.

Coffee Bean: 10/10. Without this, we wouldn't be able to use Gloom-shrooms in Survival Endless! Very useful.

Garlic: 8.5/10. Good for diverting zombies in to other lanes, works well with Gloom-shrooms and is used for No Sunflower strategies.

Umbrella Leaf: 10/10. A plant that deflects hurled basketballs and annoying Bungees? Yes please!

Marigold: 8/10. Good for Gold Farming strategies, useless in some game modes like Survival Endless.

Melon-pult: 8.5/10. Great damage, great splash, but high sun cost. This is needed to upgrade to Winter Melon.

Gatling Pea1.png
Cob Cannon1.png

Gatling Pea: 8.5/10. Works very well with Torchwood, as I said, 3 of them and a Torchwood can kill a Giga-gargantuar quite easily. But sadly, he has no splash, like other Peashooters.

Twin Sunflower: 10/10. Very good for producing sun in Survival Endless as well as other game modes. Really helpful and worth it.

Gloom-shroom: 10/10. Has great AoE, can kill most zombies in under a few seconds, ignores shields and really works in the pool in Survival Endless. This is essential for having a successful build in Survival Endless. He is also used to kill Diggers and Imps in that gamemode too.

Cattail: 10/10. Release the power of puss! This puss, which, is not in boots - can attack at any range with her deadly spikes which can pop balloons and can even attack backwards. Good plant in Survival Endless, the drawback is that she can be only planted in the Pool.

Spikerock: 8/10. Although very good for delaying Gargantuars and popping Zomboni's tires, I don't usually use him in Survival Endless although plenty of people do.

Gold Magnet: 5.5/10. I can collect the money. I don't need much help. If he could attract metals though, I would like him more.

Imitater: 10/10. Overall my best plant in the game. He makes you have two of the same plant in a level! Is that cool or what?

Cob Cannon: 9.5/10. Releases a powerful a corn cob which has the range of a Cherry Bomb. He's basically just a re-usable Cherry Bomb, an expensive one, that is. I don't need him in Survival Endless, though.


I have 'em. Not lying.

Potato Mine Costume2.png This user has the Potato Mine costume.
Cabbage-pult Costume2.png This user has the Cabbage-pult costume.
Bloomerang Costume2.png This user has the Bloomerang costume.
Iceberg Lettuce Costume2.png This user has the Iceberg Lettuce costume.
Grave Buster Costume2.png This user has the Grave Buster costume.
Bonk Choy Costume2.png This user has the Bonk Choy costume.
Repeater Costume.png This user has the Repeater costume.
Twin Sunflower Costume2.png This user has the Twin Sunflower costume.
Kernel-pult Costume2.png This user has the Kernel-pult costume.
Snapdragon Costume2.png This user has the Snapdragon costume.
Spikeweed Costume2.png This user has the Spikeweed costume.
Spring Bean Costume2.png This user has the Spring Bean costume.
Coconut Cannon Costume2.png This user has the Coconut Cannon costume.
Threepeater Costume2.png This user has the Threepeater costume.
Spikerock Costume2.png This user has the Spikerock costume.
Cherry Bomb Costume2.png This user has the Cherry Bomb costume.
Split Pea Costume2.png This user has the Split Pea costume.
Chili Bean Costume2.png This user has the Chili Bean costume.
Pea Pod Costume2.png This user has the Pea Pod costume.
Lightning Reed Costume2.png This user has the Lightning Reed costume.
Melon-pult Costume2.png This user has the Melon-pult costume.
Tall-nut Costume2.png This user has the Tall-nut costume.
Laser Bean Costume.png This user has the Laser Bean costume.
Winter Melon Costume2.png This user has the Winter Melon costume.
Blover Costume.PNG This user has the Blover costume.
Citron Costume2.png This user has the Citron costume.
E.M.Peach Costume.png This user has the E.M.Peach costume.
Infi-Nut Costume.png This user has the Infi-nut costume.
Magnifyinggrasscostume.png This user has the Magnifying Grass costume.
PVZIAT Puff-shroom Costume.png This user has the Puff-shroom costume.
Sun-shroom Costume.png This user has the Sun-shroom costume.
Tile Turnip Costume2.png This user has the Tile Turnip costume.
Mummy Bonk2.png This user has the halloween themed Bonk Choy costume.
Dracula.png This user has the halloween themed Repeater costume.
PVZIAT Sun Bean Costume.png This user has the Sun Bean costume.
Torchwood Costume2.png This user has the Torchwood costume.
Clown Corn2.png This user has the halloween themed Kernel-pult costume.

Here are my opinions on zombies: (IN CONSTRUCTION)

Basic Zombie2.png This user likes Basic Ripe Teenager
Conehead Zombie2.png This user likes Conehead Ripe Teenager
Buckethead ZombiePVZ2.png This user likes Buckethead Ripe Teenager
Flag ZombiePVZ2.png This user likes Flag Ripe Teenager
Mummy Zombie2.png This user likes all of the normal, flag, conehead, and buckethead Mummy Ripe Teenagers.
PVZIAT Gargantuar.png This user likes The Hulk Zombie, I mean, Godzilla Zombie, I mean..GARGANTUAR!!!
PVZIAT Imp.png This user likes Gargantuar Jr., I mean, Little Munchkin, I mean IMP!
Mummified Gargantuar2.png This user likes Mummified Gargantuar, and look, he's barefoot!
Imp Mummy2.png This user likes Mummy Kitten, I mean Mummy Imp, meow.
Explorer Zombie2.png This guy, Explorer Ripe Teenager, burns my plants! It BUUUURRRRRNNNSSS!!!!! He's okay, but...
Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png This user thinks Tomb Raiser Ripe Teenager is an okay dude. Woof.
FootballerPvZ2.png This user likes Football Ripe Teenager. Why? He's classic!
Pole Vaulting ZombieAS.png This user likes Pole Vaulting Ripe Teenager. Nice heir or hair you got there and body! He must be working out! I'm not what you think I am.
Pharaoh Zombie2.png This user thinks Pharaoh Ripe Teenager is trying to imitate Crazy Dave. A ripe teenager like Newspaper Ripe Teenager ! I don't like him that much. But when you can now get the chance to butter him in his sarcophagus....things get......CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY!!!!!!!
Newspaper Zombie2.png This user likes Newspaper Ripe Teenager. Why? Look at him! Girly boxers!
Dr. Zomboss PvZ2.png Greetings fellow ripe teenagers and meddling plants, it is I, Dr. Ripe Teenboss, and I have another plan for me and my ripe teenager minions to get revenge on those unintelligent plants and then have the brains on my plate without David preventing me from doing it!
Screen Door Zombie1.png This user thinks Screen Door Ripe Teenager is lucky. He protects himself AND has eaten BRAINS!
Dancing Zombie2.png This user likes the old Dancing Ripe Teenager. Too bad he got rejected. He's still thrilling today though.
New Dancing Zombie2.png This user likes the new Dancing Ripe Teenager. Yeh! 70's! Yeh! Disco will be undead forever!
Backup Dancer2.png This user likes the old Backup Dancers. Too bad he got rejected too. He's thrilling in the brainlight still.
Higher-res-BACKUPicon.png This user thinks the new Backup Dancers are too...uh, weird. I don't think he fits for Disco, the more likeable guy.
Ducky Tube Zombie1.png This user likes Ducky Tube Ripe Teenager. Why? He's childish! Ba-qwack!


Like Brainulator9, I make your name like SpongeBob = SpingeBill (YTPs), and these do not mean to offend anyone with the names I put.


  • Pointlessman: He is extremely popular like Fire Pea, but not just in winter, all the time. People appreciate his edits despite his name being Uselessguy, and he's a bit friendly too me at times. Because of his edits, he is called Usefulguy. Like, only me and Miles call him by his proper name, I think, but I really know he isn't useless. He should really deserve rollback, chat mod and forum mod, shouldn't he, not just admin? He's nice too.
  • Taculator-9: He is a good user and both me and him edit on AO Wiki. Uselessguy contacts me less than this user, and Brainulator is pretty funny too. I agree with him, I hate Chickens, Wizards and Octos.
  • Elmenec: Good artist, created a Peant'd version of my avatar!
  • Snorkel: Although we met in chat, I don't go on chat a lot. But I did convince him to download a mod for PvZ1.


Anyone who isn't a friend or enemy.


These are users I like but are not enemies or anyone that contacts me in a good way.

  • SomebodyForHighFiveSaxaphones: He's a PvZ Master. He has skill, and is ranked #1. He's also honest and friendly.
  • ErnieWakeAtPM: I like his artwork, he's so talented with it, that's all. He's also very good PvZ2 hacker.
  • RCorn2MikeyTurtleWIKI: He was on another wiki I formerly was on, and I like his artwork, but not as much as Ernesto's. He's funny and sarcastic sometimes.
  • The Snapper: Hangs out in chat, is kinda funny.
  • Patrickveggie: Nice and swell, a 1.7 version hater.

Blog posts

You can check them out if you want.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies Votes
  2. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Poll Votes
  3. Worst Plants in PvZ!
  4. Celebrating a 1-year anniversary
  5. Ask Me
  6. Everything Wrong with PvZ Garden Warfare in X Minutes or Less
  7. Plants' Personalities
  8. GW Peashooter Guide
  9. GW Foot Soldier Guide
  10. GW Scientist Guide
  11. GW Cactus Guide
  12. GW Sunflower Guide

Almanac entries of other users

Just wanted to. I do not try to offend anyone in these entries.


More than just someone, he is addicted to PvZ and became rank #1 on the leaderboard!

Edits: Gargantuan

Someone456 loved PvZ so much that he found this wiki and edited non-stop. He's also friendly, so then....POOF! He became mod...admin...bureaucrat...then forum moderator! Just go look at his PvZ gameplay pictures, he has skill!


He's more than just the brains of this operation!

Edits: Enormous

A hilarious guy who fell in "like" with PvZ. He also likes/liked AO, if you were wondering. Zombies, he is not a brain! He has brainz, but not just a brain! A body too! And...nevermind.


A two-tailed Brony! (BTW he said this himself.)

Edits: Enormous

He started out as an Orange Fox from Sonic, but also became a brony. His favorite pony is Rainbow Dash. Still, he has the same position as Someone and is honest.


A teen who thinks he's useless but many people admire him and think he's useful. That's the truth.

Edits: Gargantuan

Despite his name, he is actually useful. LOTS of people gave him the nickname "Usefulguy" and even Someone, who is the only one ahead of Uselessguy admires him. He even is nice to me and kind of like a friend.


I will put things I have completed in green and not completed in red.

  1. Make my first edit on PvZ Wiki. (Completed)
  2. Add a picture to a page. (Completed)
  3. Make 50 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  4. Make my first blog post on this wiki. (Completed)
  5. Make 100 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  6. Make 200 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  7. Make 300 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  8. Edit on every plant page on this wiki. (Not Completed)
  9. Edit on every zombie page on this wiki. (Not Completed)
  10. Make a friend on this wiki. (Sorta Completed, well I do have some friends here)
  11. Make 400 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  12. Make 500 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  13. Become a rollback. (Completed)
  14. Make 600 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  15. Earn a Lucky Blover badge. (Completed)
  16. Make 700 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  17. Become a chat moderator. (Completed)
  18. Make 800 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  19. Make 900 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  20. Make 1000 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  21. Become an adminstrator. (Not Completed)
  22. Make 1100 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  23. Make 1200 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  24. Make 1300 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  25. Make 1400 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  26. Become a bureaucrat. (Not Completed)
  27. Make 1500 edits on this wiki. (Completed)
  28. Hack Plants vs. Zombies PC Game. (Completed)
  29. Hack Plants vs. Zombies 2 iOS/Android Game. (Not Completed)

Pages I've created


Some are people's dislikes..please don't comment me about that. Don't hate me because of it, it's my opinion.

  • Plants vs. Zombies (of course)
  • Wall-nut (my brother)
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Chomper
  • Cactus (she's a bit too prickly, don't you think)
  • Tall-nut (my other brother)
  • Giant Wall-nut (my BIG brother)
  • Infi-nut
  • Explode-o-nut (a cousin who has an EXPLOSIVE personality]]
  • Pea-nut (my half-cousin as my mother says. I'm confused, is he from the Pea family, or Nut family?)
  • Iron Maiden (He's a cool bro, I wish he was really a maiden tho :P)
  • GhostRobo
  • Blitzwinger
  • MasterOv
  • Epic Bitesize
  • ZackScottGames (again, don't comment me about it)
  • McDonald's
  • Whataburger
  • Some Sonic games
  • Some Mario games
  • Cut the Rope (although I play it rarely nowadays)
  • Rabbids
  • Nice users
  • Watching YTP's (Mostly Collabs, SpongeBob and Breadwinners YTP's)
  • Being on Wikia


Above reason.

  • Five Nights at Freddy's
  • Angry Birds
  • PvZ2 not downloading on my iPad
  • Getting vanquished repeatedly in PvZ: GW
  • Some people with mics in PvZ: GW speaking
  • PewDiePie
  • People insulting and cursing a lot
  • Vandals and spammers
  • Some fruits and veggies
  • Zombies (especially OP ones)
  • Octo Zombie
  • Wizard Zombie
  • Getting thrown off from a game or my game freezing in PvZ: GW

Travel Log Quests

Stun the Boss
Here's a challenge! Stun Dr. Zomboss 5 times in one try of a level!
Rewards: 250 pts


No more Sunscreen
Beat Big Wave Beach Part 1 with totally noooo sun-producing plants!
Rewards: 1500 pts
X Marks no Shot
Beat the Frostbite Caves boss level without planting Rotobagas!
Rewards: 350 pts
Beat a 3-4 flagged level by only planting sunflowers and explosive plants!
Rewards: 300 pts

Mystery Button

What page will it take you to today?


Funny Gallery

PvZ2 Imitater Plant Almanacs

PvZGW stuff

I have all characters up to date. I'm currently rank 250. I've changed my mind a lot in the blogs, mostly the ratings, but I don't have time to change it.

My Streaks Over 10: Peashooter: 13 Toxic Pea: 17 Agent Pea: 16 Fire Chomper: 13 Cactus: 41 Fire Cactus: 44 (my most impressive and highest streak ever!) Ice Cactus: 22 Power Cactus: 18 Future Cactus: 33 Camo Cactus: 37 Jade Cactus: 18 Foot Soldier: 20 Super Commando: 30 Arctic Trooper: 12 Camo Ranger: 43 Sky Trooper: 15 Welder: 31 Plumber: 24 Marine Bio: 36 Astronaut: 17 All-Star: 14 Cricket Star: 11 Rugby Star: 12

PvZ Mistakes (hack mistakes too)

  1. Most zombies don't make a disgusted face when taken a bite out of a Garlic.
  2. Pole Vaulting Zombies don't make disgusted faces in iOS versions.
  3. You can hear a zombie bite when a plant gets squished.
  4. Imitater plants will not have gray color when squished, but they do right before the Imitater transforms.
  5. Hack Mistake: Little zombies often have wrong sprites when hacked in.
  6. Hack Mistake: Squashes will not attempt to squash Dr. Zomboss if you hack them in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge.
  7. Burnt zombies will sometimes have a burnt sprite in which they are silhouetted, but don't turn into ashes. If you do this on a zombie with its head, the burnt zombie won't have eyes.

Fanmade PvZ2 Costumes

Just made these because I was bored, also for fun.




Potato Mine

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