aka Colory, the Colorful Bloon

  • I live in My own Bloons TD universe; Bloons TD: A New Light
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Making conceptions, oh and arts with Paint
  • I am Male (in real life)

Hello User, and welcome to my userpage. This userpage is used for shoving opinions. You may disagree if, say, my least favorite is your favorite and vice versa. I also put jokes to spice my userpage even more. You may also leave a feedback if I should be either rollback or forum mod too.

If you want to ask me about something, leave it here.

Also, if you want to check my wiki, that is a workshop wiki. Its name is Le Batty1776's Workshop Wiki. I used that wiki for testing and coding templates, so don't be surprised about my wiki have little pages.

  • Best achievement ever done by me.


BEWARE! These are opinionated. If you don't want to see them, it is recommended to be ready to press the Back button.



Peashooter1 This user gives the Peashooter a 6/10 rating because he is your first to-go plant that effective at combating single targets but is pretty weak for crowd-controlling massive zombie horde and gets replaced way too quickly.

Sunflower1 This user gives the Sunflower a 9/10 rating because she is your only sun-producing plant all the Day but gets replaced on Night by Sun-shroom. She even gets blasted by her upgrade but very-slow Twin Sunflower.

Cherry Bomb1 This user gives the Cherry Bomb a 9.5/10 rating because they're excel at dealing massive crowds of zombie. 3x3 area? Wow, such a zombie killer at cost of 150 sun. However their 50 seconds recharge time blows them away. (Get it? Cherry Bomb blows zombies, which is why I use the word "blow".)

Wall-nut1 This user gives the Wall-nut a 7.5/10 rating because he is your early zombie blocker but cannot handle with zombie hordes effectively, and is easily vaulted by Pole Vaulting Zombie! Wall-nut Bowling makes up for that, however. Deez nuts jokes are often associated with him, so what's not the best to say other than that joke? Deez nuts. Ha! Got eem.

Potato Mine1 This user gives the Potato Mine a 6/10 rating because he is lazy. But... he makes up for his capability to blow zombies more than one! Being really cheap and can be used as an alternative to Rake makes up for it! It's times even better when combined with Wall-nut so that he can finish most zombies!

Snow Pea1 This user gives the Snow Pea a 8/10 rating because he is much better than Peashooter at early games along with his chilling effect so Potato Mine can blast the target quickly. I hate the fact that Torchwood douses his beloved ice peas so much he makes him as useless as a Peashooter.

Chomper1 This user gives the Chomper a 7/10 rating because not to offend, but he is not as bad as many people would think. He can eat dangerous zombies such as Zombonis, Catapult Zombies, Bungee Zombies, etc. However, the only fact that I share with all those Chomper haters is his biting time. It's 40 SECONDS. At least it's not as slow as how a player would place an upgrade plant.

Repeater1 This user gives the Repeater a 9/10 rating because he is very deadly with his 2 peas, and even deadlier when used with Torchwood, as always. But with great power comes great cost; he is doubly more expensive than Peashooter. He can go at the speed of insanity when upgraded to Gatling Pea and excels at overcrowding medium hordes of zombies.


Puff-shroom1 This user gives the Puff-shroom a 7.5/10 rating because he is an undoubtedly very cheap cannon fodder meant to be used on Night. He is not recommended to use though on Day since you will require Coffee Bean which adds 1 slot and 75 sun which is very costly to rush with. Although, if you really need him, just don't bring Coffee Bean and bring Flower Pot for a useful Gargantuar staller. Also, he's very cute! Bad news however is that he only shoots up to 3 tiles so if you have more than 3 columns of him use him as a cannon fodder.

Sun-shroom1 This user gives the Sun-shroom a 9/10 rating because he is probably tied with Puff-shroom in the cutest battle! But anyways, he is ONLY USEFUL in Night, and likewise, is always useless in Day. Don't keep him for very long though, replace him with Twin Sunflower once your sun suffice for their cost. However it sucks that he is not easily replaceable.

Fume-shroom1 This user gives the Fume-shroom a 9.5/10 rating because he sprays down a line of DEADLY FUMES. Bad for zombies, as well as you. But let's simply get over the stupid thing. His fumes are deadly, dealing massive damage, can be upgraded to Gloom-shroom which is obviously shreds everything, and much more awesomeness! However one thing that Fume-shroom always get flawed is that he requires 300 sun plus Coffee Bean and Gloom-shroom to run onto his maximum efficiency.

Grave Buster1 This user gives the Grave Buster a 7/10 rating because even though he is only normally available in VS. mode, Night levels, Whack-a-Zombie and lot of other levels that I don't even bother to list (Night Roof too if you're hacking...), I'll give that flaw a pass with cool and awesome Gravebusters music. But sorry, I don't have it. But still, you can hear to other people made music.

Hypno-shroom1 This user gives the Hypno-shroom a 8/10 rating because he's a one mushroom with psychic-looking that turns your enemies into your friends. So does Dr. Zomboss turns your friends into your enemies. But, he is particularly useful when used on dangerous zombies but not those non-eating, such as Football Zombies and Dancing Zombies. Dancing Zombie is so useful that he spams last-resorts!

Scaredy-shroom2 This user gives the Scaredy-shroom a 1/10 rating because he is much of that crap, more than Chomper. WAAAY even more. Also I don't like his personality, even though I'm an introvert too. He often gets scared when his target is 3 square tiles away, making him not that much valuable cannon fodder compared to Puff-shroom. Also he is essentially Peashooter on Day levels but takes away your 1 slot because Coffee Bean.

Ice-shroom1 This user gives the Ice-shroom a 9.9/10 rating because he is cool (get it?) and can freeze all dangerous zombies with ease! But the 1 damage to each zombie still sucks though. He can also be used to prevent Pool ambushes to appear if you did it right... but needs timing! Also he does rock in cob-less strategies!

Doom-shroom1 This user gives the Doom-shroom a 9.5/10 rating because opinion, m8. He looks cool if you ask me. That, and he can be stockpiled per Ice-shroom! He also best placed in front of your defenses so that he can reach zombies more easily. The only flaw: It's like 10 : 1, but still. He leaves a creater that dumb enough on the lawn to be planted that cover the lawn for 30 SECONDS!


Lily Pad1 This user gives the Lily Pad a 8.5/10 rating because he is much of that usable in Pool levels. And also essential. Valuable, essential, usable, and all the way until I can't say anything. Just kidding, actually his essence of being a room provider for non-aquatic plants is reduced in Fog levels since Sea-shroom is dead cheap, but also has slow recharge.

Squash1 This user gives the Squash a 7/10 rating because he is essential insta-kill next to Potato Mine in early game. However he does better despite his same recharge speed with Potato Mine and more expensive since he does excel in destroying zombie crowds easily. He can also pierce through more quickly with Wall-nut, a similar strategy to what I did on Potato Mine. I nickname him "The King of Crowd-Controller"!

Threepeater1 This user gives the Threepeater a 7.5/10 rating because seriously? WHY THEY ALWAYS GET DESPISED? Oh seriously, they are actually quite great for controlling zombie hordes with Torchwood, and the fact that they shoot one pea on three lanes makes them worth it by the way. Also, don't get me wrong, but the only fact that I share with all of them is its sun cost, but can be covered by planting lots of Sunflowers.

Tangle Kelp1 This user gives the Tangle Kelp a 2/10 rating because he is much suckier than his land counterpart, which is Potato Mine. And he also only suck up to 1 zombie. Other than that, he is basically useless but at least not as suck as Scaredy-shroom since he can be used to insta-kill Dolphin Riders or Snorkels.

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