aka jeff.

  • I live in In a pineapple, unda da sea.
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Deez nuts.
  • I am a weird penguin monster thing that makes castanet noises.

Almanac Entry

Likes playing games and eating food. In fact, one of his talents is eating food...and also sleeping. He likes sleeping so much that people could mistake him for Spring Bean, even though they're very different. He also went to college with Lightning Reed. Now since Lightning Reed runs a radio station, they barely see each other. AwesomePango is a penguin-like creature that makes a castanet sound when it clicks its beak..

My Favorite Plants

  • Cattail-One of my favourite plants in the original game! 💖
  • Ghost Pepper-I loved the concept of Ghost Pepper, could potentially be the most OP plant in the game.
  • Snapdragon-I feel the pain for Snapdragon, ever since I was a mini penguin I wanted to soar the skies but I'm a penguin and penguins can't fly 😭. Also, HE IS A FREAKIN' DRAGON!!! JFYKNKBJGGUDGSUDGV U EYG**#QGU!GT@*!UGKHDK!!!!!
  • Lightning Reed-He was my best friend in college. He now runs a radio station, his call sign is El3ctric H1ccup, if you're wondering!

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

Me has deez gaems, PvZ (PC, XBLA, DS), PvZ2 and PvZ:GW (XB360)!

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