About me

I'm Nathan, I'm sixteen and I live in a (not so) little town called Caen, if you want to know it's in France and more precisely in Normandy. What else...well I LOVE playing video games, but I'll explain that in more detail later. I try to participate as much as I can on the wiki but it's kinda hard since I'm currently a student, I like being in the forums although I'm usually on the PVZ Heroes section of the forum. I think that's pretty much it for the main info.

My relationship with video games

As I already told you I love video games and I've been playing them since I'm like...four, I don't really remember the first game I played but the oldest one I remember is The Simpsons Hit And Run, it's sort of like GTA but more...kid-friendly I guess, you should really try it out !

Games I'm playing right now

- Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS

- The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

- PVZ Heroes

- PVZ Garden Warfare 2

My PVZ Games

Well I started with PVZ 1 and it was wondeful, my dad and I had a lot of fun playing, then I went on to play PVZ 2 it's also really good but some levels are wayyy too hard and the fact that some plants need to be bought with real money is a little sad but whatevs. Then I bough PVZ Garden Warfare 2 and although I don't play online it's still a lot of fun. And finally I'm playing PVZ Heroes and I think it's way more fun than Hearthstone and the fandom is way better !

My Favourite Plants & Zombies

Plants :

  1. Snow Pea, I love it's design and effect !
  2. Sunflower, so cute !
  3. I really can't decide there's so many great plants !

Zombies : 

  1. Imps, all of them, they're so funny and cute !
  2. Regular Zombies, BRAINSS !
  3. Can't decide either, it's wayyy to hard to decide.

My Most Hated Plants & Zombies (yes there's some)

Plants :

  1. Electric Blueberry, it's sooo boring to use and it's really weak too
  2. Explode-O-Nut, I don't like seeing these poor nuts explode...:(
  3. Gold Magnet, only useful for farming coins, boring.

Zombies : 

  1. Newspaper Zombie (PVZ2), they're way too fast it's ridiculous !
  2. Zomboni, I still remember the minigame with the Zomboni from PVZ 1, oh God.
  3. Chicken & Weasels Zombies, do I really have to explain why ?

Have a nice day !

I might change this page, sometimes ! Well then see ya ! 

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