aka NumberWizard8512

  • I live in Classified
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Classified
  • I am Male
Country: United States
Favorite plants:

Twin Sunflower
Bonk Choy
Winter Melon
Laser Bean
Dusk Lobber
Shadow Peashooter
Ghost Pepper
Lava Guava
Shrinking Violet
Power Lily
Cold Snapdragon
Gold Bloom

Favorite zombies:

Pianist Zombie
Lost Pilot Zombie
Glitter Zombie
Boombox Zombie
Hair Metal Gargantuar
Pyramid-Head Zombie
Torchlight Zombie
Barrelhead Zombie
Pelican Zombie
Cart-Head Zombie
Rodeo Legend Zombie
Holo Head Zombie
Blastronaut Zombie
Amberhead Zombie
Jurassic Rockpuncher
Brickhead Zombie
Sunday Edition Zombie

Other specials:

Fan fiction writer

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About me

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Current Arena league:

My favorite pages

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My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

PvZ 2

World progress

PvZ worldAE
PvZ worldPS
PvZ worldWW
PvZ worldFC
PvZ worldLC
PvZ worldFF
YesYAncient Egypt YesYPirate Seas YesYWild West YesYFrostbite Caves YesYLost City YesYFar Future
PvZ worldDA
PvZ worldNMT
PvZ worldJM
PvZ worldBWB
PvZ worldMD
YesYDark Ages YesYNeon Mixtape Tour YesYJurassic Marsh YesYBig Wave Beach YesYModern Day

Endless Zones

Pyramid of Doom2 This user has completed 236 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.
Dead Man's Booty2 This user has completed 241 levels in Dead Man's Booty.
Big Bad Butte2 This user has completed 149 levels in Big Bad Butte.


Icebound Battleground2 This user has completed 9 levels in Icebound Battleground.
Temple of Bloom2 This user has completed 101 levels in the Temple of Bloom.
Terror from Tomorrow2 This user has completed 0 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.
Arthur's Challenge2 This user has completed 0 levels in Arthur's Challenge.
Greatest Hits2 This user has completed 92 levels in the Greatest Hits.


LBT Icon Transparent This user has completed 24 levels in the La Brainsa Tarpits.
Tiki Torch-er2 This user has completed 0 levels in Tiki Torch-er.
Highway to the Danger Room2 This user has completed 33 levels in Highway to the Danger Room.

Other PvZ2 stuff

Almanac GroundAncient Egypt This user's favorite area is Ancient Egypt.
Almanac GroundNeon Mixtape Tour This user's favorite area is Neon Mixtape Tour.
Almanac GroundModern Day This user's favorite area is Modern Day.
Glitter Zombie2 This user's favorite jam is pop!
Hair Metal Gargantuar2 This user's favorite jam is metal!
Boombox Zombie2 This user's favorite jam is ballad!
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