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Just another user almanac page

Plant ratings

Players House:

Peashooter: 2/10 Very low damage, very cost and space inefficient

Sunflower: 5/10 Got powercreeped pretty hard

Wall-nut: 5/10 Useful for early on blocking, but has a very slow recharge

Potato Mine: 2/10 Takes over a million years to arm

Ancient Egypt:

Bloomerang: 5/10 *Cough**Cough*

Cabbage-pult: 2/10 Low damage output, attacks slow

Iceberg Lettuce: 3/10 Affects only one zombie

Grave Buster: 4/10 It's not hard to destroy graves in PVZ2

Twin Sunflower: 6/10

Bonk Choy: 4/10 Very poor range

Repeater: 4/10 Slightly better than peashooter

Pirate Seas:

Kernel-Pult: 4/10 Only used for butter

Snapdragon: 3/10 Not very impressive damage output

Spikeweed: 1/10 Very low damage

Coconut Cannon: 3/10 Too expensive, requires Arma-mint to be good

Cherry Bomb: 10/10 Useful for getting rid of hordes of zombies

Spring Bean: 0/10 Do I even need to say anything else

Spikerock: 2/10 Way too expensive

Threepeater: 4/10 Low damage output

Wild West:

Split Pea: 2/10 Not many things will get behind it

Chili Bean: 2/10 Looks gross

Lightning Reed: 2/10 Very low damage output

Tall-nut: 4/10 Too expensive, slow recharge

Pea Pod: 1.5/10 Really expensive

Melon-pult: 8/10 High damage output

Winter Melon 9.5/10 Essential for endless zones, certain Battlez

Far Future:

Laser Bean: 7.5/10 Hits everything

Blover: 10/10 Have you ever seen primal peashooter+stallia lv5+blover?

E.M.Peach: 6/10 Essential for Far Future, evil bulls

Infi-nut: 6/10 Better than Wall-nut

Magnifying Grass: 4/10 Expensive

Tile Turnip 8/10: Useful with Primal Potato Mine

Dark Ages:

Sun shroom: 9/10 Very good sun producer

Puff-shroom: 6/10 Its free

Fume shroom: 5/10 worse Laser Bean

Sun Bean: 0.9/10 Because 1/10 is overrating it

Magnet shroom: 3/10 Only useful in very niche cases

Big Wave Beach:

Lily Pad: 5/10 Its required on most levels

Tangle Kelp: 7/10 Useful for getting rid of annoying zombies

Bowling Bulb:

Lv 2-: 1/10 Low Damage

Lv 3+ 8/10 Very high splash damage output

Guacodile: 4/10 Rush attack is not very impressive

Bannana Launcher: 4/10 Too expensive

Frostbite Caves:

Hot Potato: 2/10 Waste of seed slot

Pepper-Pult: 4/10 Slow recharge

Chard Guard: 6/10 Useful staller

Stunion: 3/10 Meh

Rotabaga: 2/10 Turn your cannons 45*

Lost City:

Red Stinger: 6/10 Cheaper repeater

A.K.E.E: 5/10 Worse laser bean

Endurian: 1.5/10 Very low toughness

Stallia: 3/10 Only useful at lv 5+ with blover

Gold Leaf: 1/10 Slow sun production

Neon Mixtape Tour:

Phat Beet: 1/10 Introduced in a world where all the zombies hardcounter it

Celery Stalker: 2/10 Always pops up when a zombie is on it

Thyme Warp 8/10: Teleports ALL the zombies to the beginning ready to be primal tater-mined

Garlic: 1/10 Can only move about 5 zombies

Spore-shroom: 3/10 Meh

Intensive Carrot: 5/10 Essential when using only expensive plants

Jurassic Marsh:

Primal Peashooter: 8/10 Good offense and stalling in one. Also good with blover

Primal Wall-nut: 9/10 Finally a wall with good recharge

Perfume-shroom: 8/10 Good for stopping evilsaurs, especially the Evil evil evil evil evilsaur

Primal Sunflower: 10/10 Very powerful sun production

Primal Potato Mine: 10/10 Cheaper Cherry Bomb with larger radius

Modern Day:

Moonflower: 10/10 Most powerful sun producer

Nightshade: 1/10 Low damage output, slow fire rate

Shadow-shroom: 3/10 There are much better instants

Dusk Lobber: 10/10 Highest splash damage output

Grimrose: 5/10

Gem Premiums:


Lv 2-: 3/10 Slow recharge

Lv 3+: 6/10 Kills gargs, even in battlez

Jalapeno: 5/10

Hypno-shroom: 4/10 More fun than anything

Fire Peashooter: 4/10 Better at warming for low levels, worse at higher levels

Pea-nut: 4/10 Slow recharge

Homing Thistle: 6/10 Good for adventure, bad for battlez/endless zones

Ghost Pepper: 5/10 Good for getting rid of bucketheads

Sweet Potato: 3/10 Has 0 toughness

Sap-fling: 2/10 Very bad staller

Hurrikale: 10/10: Blows zombies back to beginning, fast recharge

Lava Guava: 4/10 Worse ghost pepper

Shrinking violet: 8/10 Has a good recharge

Electric Currant: 3/10 Requires garlic or sweed potato, neither of which are good

Aloe: 3/10 Does not work with many zombies


Snow Pea: 5/10 Meh

Torchwood: 3/10 Lost splash damage

Imitater: 10/10 Ever wanted two primal tater mines?

Starfruit: 4/10 Very inaccurate

Chomper: 0/10 Takes 10,000 years to chew

Cactus: 5/10 Worse laser beans

Explode-o-nut: Never really used

Power lily: 9/10 Having extra plant food can be valuable in battlez and endless zones

Dandelion: 3/10 Low damage ouput

Toadstool: 4/10 Has better range, sun production

Strawburst 0/10 Takes forever to recharge, does 0 damage

Electric blueberry: Never really used

Jack O Lanturn: Never really used

Grapeshot: 10/10 Cherry bomb + some more free damage

Cold snapdragon: Never really used

Blooiming heard: 2/10 Low damage

Escape root: 3/10 Slow arming time

Gold bloom: 10/10 Allows you to stard a level with 375 extra sun

Wasabi whip: 4/10 Not much better than bonk choy

Kiwibeast: Never really used

Trasshle mortar: -10/0

Popcap: Lets show off apple mortar with a week of piniata parties

Me: Sigh... Trasshle mortar...

Then a million football players and newspaper zombies appeard


Bombegranite: 10/10 Slighly better cherry bomb

Witch Hazel: Never really used

Parsnip: Never really used

Missile toe: Never really used

Hot date: Never really used

Caulipower: Never really used

Solar tomato: Never really used, probally very bad

Electric peashooter: Never really used

Holly barrier: Never really used

Power Mints:

Fila-mint: 4/10 Weak instant ability, boost plants that are seldomly used

Reinforce-mint: 8/10 Pulls off the devistating peanut combo and the blover combo

Bombard-mint: 10/10 By far the best board clearing ability

Arma-mint: 6/10 Decent instant ability

Contain-mint: 4/10 The stun is not actually very helpful, boost weird plants

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