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I'm Albert Mc Missle and I'll put the ranks of plants in PVZ 2.

Peashooter:6/10:Pretty weak.

Sunflower:5/10:Useless when you unlock Sun-Shroom and other sunproducers.

Wall-Nut:4/10:Primal Wall-Nut completely over-rides him.

Potato Mine:4/10:PPM overrides him

Bloomerang:7/10:It was good 'till Laser Bean appeared

Cabbage-Pult:6/10:Usefull at the beginning.

Iceberg Lettuce:9/10:I like stalling zombies at the first part of a level and I like her plant food.

Grave-Buster:6/10:From 75 sun to 0 sun?Incredible!

Twin Sunflower:8/10:Usefull in endless zones

Repeater:7/10:Same with Bloomerang but with Red Stinger

Bonk Choy:9/10:One of my favorite plants,makes good combos whit other plants.

Kernel-Pult:5/10:He is too weak,but I like his butter a lot.

Snapdragon:6/10:If you have that OP yeti,you know the reason.

Spikeweed:8/10:Pretty good,makes a good combo with Primal-Wall Nut

Coconut Cannon:6/10:Pretty good damage,but recharges too slow.

Cherry Bomb:7/10:This can help you in emergencies,but Grapeshot

Spring Bean:5/10:The reason why I don't put 1/10 is Pirate Seas and Blover

SpikeRock:7/10:Good for stalling Gargantuars

Threepeater:1/10:It's a s**t,it's the tottaly opposite of his counterpart in PVZ Heroes.

Split Pea:2/10:It's almost the same s**t as Threepeater.Is useful only when there are prospectors.

Chilli Bean:4/10:Meh,PPM and Stunion is a better combo.

Lighting Reed:4/10:Not enough damage


Pea Pod:7/10:He's good,but I don't use him so much.

Melon-Pult:10/10:It's great in every endless zone!

Winter Melon:10/10:Same as Melon Pult.

Laser Bean:8/10:He's good,but the fire rate...

Blover:10/10:OP,man,it blowns away all the flying zombies on the lawn and with Chard Guard/Spring Bean he's a monster!

Citron:5/10:Not that great.

E.M Peach:7/10:It's great in TFT

Infi-Nut:7/10:The PF is good!

Magnifying Grass:9/10:It's great against Jesters.

Tile Turnip:8/10:Good in Endless Zones,but can't be 1000/piece?

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