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Like I (have) said, there’s literally no proof of it being modded.

A Random Chinese

A Random Chinese is a user of this wiki who mainly focuses on Chinese-related contents. He is interested in tower defense in general but the most interested in Plants vs. Zombies. He is also a fan of the Ace Attorney series.

With the geographical advantages, he is able to use Discord rather freely.

Suburban Almanac entry

ARandomChinese is a fan of the original Plants vs. Zombies.
Damage: e+1
He loves puns, he loves Plants vs. Zombies.
He translates, he breathes. Who is he? He loves a fangame of PvZ called "Minecraft vs. Zombies 2" but that doesn't explain anything.
Is he even a Chinese? Is he a spy? Why does he often complain about the articles?
Cost: 1437 Recharge: 495 years


It's works the best when yelling "OBJECTION!" or "異議あり!" and present the correct evidence when arguing with him. He is often used to translate Chinese texts or fix atrocious translations made by artificial idiots. He can sometimes fire random trivia and drown nearby people.


  • Despite being both a Chinese and a Plants vs. Zombies fan, he does not know much about 诺萌 and 奈萌.
  • He ships Random with ItsPforPea.
  • He dreams of playing Plants vs. Zombies but the map is huge and zombies come from different of directions. Best if it's in 3D.

Profile picture by Tohka for the 12th anniversary of Plants vs. Zombies