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About me

Likes Cattails. A lot. Has plush Cattail. Curse Homing Thistle. Eating cake while typing this. Talking in incomplete sentences. Or not. Recommends Squash in PvZ 2. Blooming Heart should be $4.99. Favorite game:

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is my 2nd favorite game, followed by Super Smash bros. for Wii U. The only third person shooter I like is PvZ Garden Warfare.

Cattail2C This user's favorite plant is Cattail.
Nightshade2 This user's least favorite plant is Nightshade.
Zomboni1 This user's favorite zombie is Zomboni.
Dr. Zomboss2 This user's least favorite zombie is Dr. Zomboss.

N/A This user's favorite jam is {{{jam}}}!
TBA This user's least favorite jam is {{{jam}}}!
Almanac GroundLost City This user's favorite area is Lost City.
Almanac GroundBig Wave Beach This user's least favorite area is Big Wave Beach.

My favorite pages

  • PvZ 2 Upcoming Content

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

Tell the other users on the wiki what Plants vs. Zombies games you have!

Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies 2

An Ode to Cattails

Cattail. Such an adorable killing machine. Homing missles, a cat head, and a pink hat. What could be better? But sadly, it was forgotten in PvZ 2. Well not really forgotten, more like... replaced. But it is due to make an appearance in PvZ Heroes, so we will once again gains see the beloved hero in action (pun intended).

P.S. I have no idea what an Ode is. So why'd I include it? BECAUSE IM CRAZY!!!!!!

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