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The Ultra-Zombot 6000, also known as the Mega Zombot 6000 is a Zombot machine built by Dr. Zomboss that first appeared in the E3 trailer for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare as a boss, but didn't actually make it into the final game. It is then seen in its sequel on Z-Tech Factory as an environment modifier and on Zombopolis as the final objective/boss.


The Zombot is known to appear frequently throughout the Garden Warfare series. It was first seen in the E3 trailer for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare as a boss. It was then seen as a destroyed head in the zombies spawn on Cactus Canyon. Next, it can be seen as a battered head in Jewel Junction on a train. Finally, it can be seen in the background in Crash Course which is the last time you'll see the Zombot in Garden Warfare.

In Garden Warfare 2, it makes several more major appearances. In Z-Tech Factory, copies of this Zombot are being mass-produced on some form of an assembly line, being taken headless out of a hole in the ground with a claw, taken by the claw to a concrete platform and deposited on it, and then having its head attached before blasting off into the sky. However, if enough time has passed, the Zombot appears to malfunction and step off of the platform. If this occurs, it becomes a hazard, as it will walk in a predetermined pattern around the map. Plants and zombies who touch it directly will either be thrown back and lose much of their health or simply be instantly vanquished. It will also pause from time to time to shoot balls of energy at any plant or zombie in its sight. Next, in Zombopolis, it is being prepared for launch, to battle against the plants and serve as a devastating ally for the zombies.

Overall, it can be assumed that the case is that either there's more than one Zombot, and/or it's the same model (as can be seen in Z-Tech Factory).



  • Its model is different from the Zombot in Plants vs. Zombies, as it has an enclosed head and shoots out lasers.
  • In the Junkyard section of Zombopolis a severed head of the Zombot can be seen among other damaged mechanical objects. This head is similar to the Easter eggs of his severed head in the original Garden Warfare, but has blue eyes instead of yellow eyes.
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