This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Plant Ultomatos on top of themselves to mutate them up from green to yellow to red!


Ultomato is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, that was first introduced in the 7.8.1 update. He is a seasonal plant, tied to Ultomato's Ultimate Season in Arena, which lasted from January 16, 2020 to February 3, 2020. Ultomato later came out in the 2.5.2 update of the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 with his rarity being legendary

He releases a powerful and devastating laser down the lane he is planted in, but shortly afterwards needs to recharge. The laser lasts for one and a half seconds. When released, it will target the first available zombie in its lane, repeatedly attacking it. If that zombie is defeated and the laser still has some duration left, it will target the next available enemy.

Ultomatoes can be planted on each other to increase their power, but their cost also increases the more Ultomatoes there are on the field. If an Ultomato is defeated, the sun cost will decrease.


Tomato 2.jpg

He is based on the tomato (Solanum Iycopersicum), the fruit of a plant in the nightshade family.

His name is a pun on either the words "ultimate," or "ultimatum," and "tomato."

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.


SPECIAL: Cost Efficiency


DAMAGE: 1600

FAMILY: Fila-mint

Ultomatoes charge up slowly, then fire a devastating beam down the lane that damages zombies as long as charge lasts. Ultomatoes can be made more powerful by planting multiple Ultomatoes on the same tile.

Special: can be planted on top of itself, mutating from green to yellow to red
Usage: costs more sun the more Ultomatoes are on the board

Ultomato yawns as unimaginable energies build up inside his being. It's cool. He can afford to wait. He's got allllll day.

Chinese version  (China only)


    植物家族效果: 研发中
    植物特征: 红色植物


    In English:
    Ultomatoes can make themselves stronger through repeated planting.

    Plant family effect: In research and development
    Plant characteristics: red plant

    When Ultomato was performing aerospace missions, particles of light from outer space were infused into his body. The particles of light contained the will of justice, guiding Ultomato to use the power of light to protect his homeland and defeat the evil zombies.


Plant Food ability (animated)

Plant Food effect

When fed with Plant Food, Ultomato will self-destruct, exploding and damaging everything within a 7x5 area on-screen.

His sun cost will drop by 50, 100, or 150 sun corresponding to what stage he exploded in, due to him leaving the lawn.

Fila-mint effect

When boosted by Fila-mint, Ultomato's beam will deal an extra 2500 DPS. Its Plant Food damage will increase by 2200 DPS.

Level upgrades

Level Seed
Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Toughness Damage Special
(Cost Efficiency)
Small Medium Big Small Medium Big Plant Food
1 0 0 250 6.5 seconds 300 dps 400 dps 500 dps 350 dps 750 dps 1600 dps 1800 dps 50
2 50 225 6 seconds 325 dps 450 dps 575 dps 375 dps 800 dps 1700 dps
3 100 225 5.5 seconds 350 dps 500 dps 650 dps 400 dps 850 dps 1800 dps 1900 dps
4 200 225 5.25 seconds 375 dps 550 dps 725 dps 425 dps 900 dps 1900 dps 25

5 300 200 5 seconds 400 dps 600 dps 800 dps 450 dps 950 dps 2000 dps
6 400 200 4.9 seconds 425 dps 650 dps 875 dps 475 dps 1000 dps 2100 dps 2000 dps
7 500 200 4.8 seconds 450 dps 700 dps 950 dps 500 dps 1050 dps 2200 dps
8 600 175 4.7 seconds 475 dps 750 dps 1025 dps 525 dps 1100 dps 2300 dps
9 800 175 4.6 seconds 500 dps 800 dps 1100 dps 550 dps 1150 dps 2400 dps 2100 dps
10 1,000 150 4.5 seconds 525 dps 850 dps 1175 dps 575 dps 1200 dps 2500 dps 2200 dps

Level upgrades (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New.png Ultomato Upgrade 1.png
Fast Recharge
Reduce the recharge time of Ultomato's attack by 1 second.
Combat Training
Ultomato gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New.png Ultomato Upgrade 2.png
Extremely Fast
Increase Level 2's effect by 100%.
Cell Activation
Ultomato gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New.png Ultomato Upgrade 3.png
Hyper Leap
When planted, there is a possibility for Ultomato to be instantly upgraded one level.
Fighting Power
Ultomato gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).
LevelIcon5New.png Ultomato Upgrade 4.png
Energy Waves
After hitting a target, the energy blast will splash onto nearby zombies, dealing damage to them.
Fighting Power
Ultomato gains another 50% more attack power and health (300% of initial).


Ultomato has the potential for extremely high damage output, for a correspondingly high sun investment. A big (stage 3) Ultomato deals almost as much damage as a Cherry Bomb, enough to one-shot a Pharaoh Zombie or kill a Gargantuar in 3 hits, and the enduring nature of the laser means that any leftover damage will continue on to the next target. The laser cannot be blocked or reflected by Excavator Zombie, Parasol Zombie, or Jester Zombie. However, the cost mechanic means that a single big Ultomato costs 900 sun to plant, and a full column of them would cost 9000 sun, which is typically not practical.

Ultomato's attack style has similarities to Citron, charging up for several seconds and then firing. However, it is more powerful at full strength, cannot be reflected, recharges slightly faster, and excess damage is not wasted but passed on to the next zombie, making it somewhat better at crowd control. The trade-off is that Ultomato is much more expensive, and its Plant Food effect is generally less useful.

Since Ultomato's attack power is slightly more than doubled with each growth stage, there is a very big difference between medium and big sizes, making it more efficient to upgrade an existing Ultomato than to plant a second one. As a result, Ultomato works well on minecarts in Wild West, where a single fully upgraded Ultomato (Stage 3) can provide extra muscle on lanes that need it, and can be moved out of harm's way while recharging.

Ultomato is primarily vulnerable due to its slow rate of fire and inability to hit an area (it can hit multiple zombies with one laser, but only if it has enough power to overwhelm them all one by one). It is a very risky choice against Zombie Chickens or Ice Weasels; if the laser fires at the right time, it can destroy all of them and continue on to hit targets behind them, but if not, they will easily overwhelm Ultomato before it can fire.

Like lobbed-shot plants, Ultomato can bypass obstacles like tombstones, surfboards, and octopi to hit zombies behind them, but will target and destroy the obstacles if there are no zombies in the lane. A big Ultomato can destroy a Troglobite, a frozen block, and an Imp, in one shot.

If an Ultomato dies after being upgraded, you should not revive him with Intensive Carrot unless you think you can easily afford to upgrade him again. This is because of a mechanic associated with the aforementioned plant where the revived plant in question will always be revived to its on-planting state; this applies to all plants, including ones that go through multiple stages like Ultomato.

Ultomato's Plant Food effect has a very large area of effect, but unlike most other plants, Ultomato is destroyed in the process (and it can be quite expensive to replant), so it is often a better choice to give Plant Food to another plant. It is not usually a good idea to plant Ultomato on a Power Tile. On the other hand, if Ultomato is boosted, it effectively becomes a larger (and more expensive) Cherry Bomb.

If you intent not to use Plant Food on Ultomato, don't use him in Boosterama tournaments in Arena since all plants are boosted, causing Ultomato to self-destruct when planted. However, Ultomato can still act as an instant-kill with a larger radius and the same damage at the cost of an extra 100 sun.


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  • His growth stages resemble an unripe, ripening, and ripe tomato.
    • He shares this quality with Strawburst, whose growth stages resemble a ripening strawberry.
  • The Ultomato is the second plant that can be planted on to strengthen it, the first being Pea Pod.
  • Penny's starting level quote misspells "Ultomatoes" as "Ultomatos".
  • If there are zombies behind obstacles like tombstones, octopuses, ice blocks, etc., Ultomato will shoot zombies behind these obstacles.
  • If the player plants an Ultomato on a minecart, and then moves it to another lane while it is shooting, there is a glitch where the laser moves to the lane which Ultomato moves to, but part of the laser's sprites will still appear in the original lane.
  • If an Ultomato is fed Plant Food when Fila-mint is on the lawn, the light it creates will still appear for about 2-3 seconds after it explodes.
  • If an Ultomato is covered in octopi thrown by Octo Zombie while it is shooting, part of its laser's sprites will remain forever until the octopus is destroyed.
  • There is a glitch that occurs when the player exits the level while Ultomato is activating his Plant Food effect and exploding. Upon returning, there will be a green Ultomato on the lawn for about 1.5-2 seconds, which will then disappear.
  • He and Dartichoke are the only 2 straight-shooting plants that can attack through objects.

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