Twin Heal Flower is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It can only be dropped by Crazy Dave's Flying RV in Boss Mode. It costs 100 sun to deploy. It will despawn after 30 seconds when being deployed. It has the same function as the Sunflower's Heal Flower. However, it is better than the Heal Flower as it drops double the sun. Its zombie counterpart is the Zomboss Healing Station. It can be destroyed by the zombies. It takes 40 seconds to recharge.


The only flower that can heal Plants faster than the standard Heal Flower is the Twin Heal Flower.


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  • This plant is only available in Xbox One, PC, and PS4 versions. This plant is not available in Xbox 360 and PS3 versions because Boss Mode uses the Kinect Sensor, mouse, or PlayStation 4 Eye respectively; which is not a feature in the other versions.
  • Even though it is a two-headed Heal Flower, its seed packet in Boss Mode shows a Twin Sunflower in its Plants vs. Zombies 2 art style.
  • It shakes its head faster than any other potted plant.
  • If the player kills it, the vanquish text will show "Heal Flower Destroyed" instead of "Vanquished Potted Plant" probably because it is not a normal potted plant and could only be found in Boss Mode.
    • Also when a player goes near it, the text above says "Heal Flower" instead of "Twin Heal Flower". It is unknown why this is.
  • Planting it will give the player 10 coins and destroying it will give the player 20 coins.
  • A glitch is discovered when a player drops this or the Coconut Spotting Station on top of the garden in Garden Ops, there is a chance that the garden will be instantly destroyed. Other chances are it doing nothing at all or steal most of the health of the garden.
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