Twilight Chomper is a Special variant of Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He was first revealed in the patch notes for the Soil Survivors DLC. There are currently three known ways to unlock the Twilight Chomper when it is released. If the player already has unlocked the Unicorn Chomper, they will receive the Twilight Chomper as a gift if they log in by February 28, 2019. They can also unlock him by paying real money to get the "Midnight Snack Upgrade", which became available for purchase in Origin, PlayStation, and Xbox stores starting February 21, 2019. The third and final way of obtaining this character was by reaching 400 player vanquishes (and the community reaching 6 million vanquishes) in the Community Challenge lasting February 14-20, 2019.

It has been described as "the dark-magic prince of plants" and "an enigmatic counterpart to the infamous Unicorn Chomper" by the game's official website. Its gimmick is called the Twilight Warp, which is similar to the Unicorn Chomper's Rainbow Warp (an alternate ability for Burrow), but with only one charge, though it travels about the same distance as two Rainbow Warps. He also has less health, stronger chomps, and can chomp less often than other biting chompers.


Stickerbook description

"From parts unknown, Twilight Chomper darts in and out of the shadows, waiting for his moment to strike. Some say he has an eternal hunger for Zombies, other say he's just shy."

In-game description

Twilight Chomper's warp puts him straight into the fight!

AI Health (GW2 only)

Easy: 105

Normal: 140

Hard: 175



Twilight WarpGW2Twilight Warp "Instantly join the fray with this shadowy, long distance warp!"

The Twilight Chomper dashes forwards quickly, similar to the Scientist's Warp. It is exclusive to the Twilight Chomper and replaces the Burrow ability. Unlike the Rainbow Warp, you can't stock it, but the warp's distance is longer.

Left abilities
Hitting targets with the Chomper's ranged Goop attack is a great way to slow them down, making them easier to chomp. They taste better too!
Super Sticky GoopGW2
Super Sticky Goop
This goop is sooo sticky that Zombies are not even able to move when they get hit by it. Let's say it together... "Now that's Sticky!"
Chomp CannonGW2
Chomp Cannon
If you're sick of being harassed by Zombies on rooftops, the Chomp Cannon is for you. Hock a loogie in their direction with this disgustingly explosive attack!
Center abilities
The Chomper's ultimate weapon. He has the ability to tunnel underground and ambush unsuspecting Zombies by emerging under their feet and swallowing them whole!
Sprint BurrowGW2
Sprint Burrow
The Sprint Burrow allows the Chomper to move much faster when under the ground, but the range is quite limited.
Right abilities
Laying Spikeweed traps is a great way to ambush Zombies. If they walk over the Spikeweed, they get ensnared and are easy to chomp.
Spiky SpikeweedGW2
Spiky Spikeweed
The Spiky Spikeweed deals more damage to Zombies it ensnares, but only a few can be deployed at a time.
When a zombie stumbles into a Vampweed, you get a helpful health boost! The zombie isn't hurt, but he probably feels a bit silly falling into your trap.


Climb buildings to have the high ground then use Twilight Warp to warp on the building that the Foot Soldier's are on and then eat them and if you feel like your in danger wait for your Twilight Warp to recharge then warp to safety or jump off the roof then run behind a house then repeat.



  • Twilight Chomper was released in the Soil Survivor DLC update on February 14, 2019.
  • He is the third character with the Rarity of "Special", after Z7 Imp and Unicorn Chomper.
  • He is the first new character added to Garden Warfare 2 since the Frontline Fighters DLC back in December 2016, which added Nec'Rose, Captain Squawk, Commando Corn, and Scallywag Imp.
  • Even though his character piece is Legendary, the character himself is Special.
  • In Private Play, he appears in the Chomper Brigade as "Sparkles" or "Twinkles", making him the only Special plant variant to appear in Private Play.
  • He is the only character that has one character piece, as Super Rares/Rares have 5 pieces while other Specials/Legendaries have 2.
  • His Stickerbook description has a grammar error. "Other say he's just shy" should instead say "Others say he's just shy".
  • He is the only character to be released on a holiday, specifically Valentine's Day.
  • He has the exact same model as the Unicorn Chomper, but is colored more darker.
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