For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Turquoise Skull Zombie.

Turquoise Skull Zombie is a zombie encountered in Lost City. In a similar manner to Ra Zombie, it steals sun, but can also use its turquoise-colored skull to burn the player's plants up to four tiles in front of it. The zombie does not need sun in order to do the latter. If it manages to steal sun from the player, the beam's range will be increased and the sun will not be returned to the player when the zombie dies, unlike Ra Zombie.


800px-Crystal skull in Musée du quai Branly, Paris.jpg

It bears a strong resemblance to Archimedes Q. Porter from Tarzan. The skull used by it is an obvious reference to the crystal skull in the Indiana Jones movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This is further proven by its Almanac entry, which references crystal skulls.

Almanac entry

Turquoise Skull Zombie

TOUGHNESS: Protected
SPEED: Basic

Uses skull to steal sun, then unleashes energy in a destructive beam.

Damage: destroys one plant on the 4 tiles in front of him after attempting to steal sun
Special: tries to steal sun
Special: beam range is increased when more sun is stolen
Special: stolen sun cannot be retrieved

Unlike the more famous crystal skulls, turquoise skulls are totally non-mysterious and common as dirt.


Turquoise Skull Zombie absorbs 250 damage per shot and degrades upon absorbing 125 damage per shot when his arm falls off, before dying at 250 damage per shot. His beams deal 4001 damage per shot on Tall-nuts, Primal Wall-nuts, and most armored Wall plants.



The instant kill abilities of Turquoise Skull Zombie can quickly become a problem, especially in Temple of Bloom, when it is accompanied by a group of Buckethead Adventurer Zombies, Excavator Zombies, Parasol Zombies, or worse, Porter Gargantuars.

The main weakness of this zombie is its own ability to steal sun, as it keeps it from being overpowered, as it will always try to steal sun before burning the plants in front of it. Because of this, the player has a decent amount of time before killing it. This can be prolonged if you let the sun travel a bit towards its turquoise skull. If more expensive plants are close to Turquoise Skull Zombie and it has not been killed yet, it is perhaps best to dig the plants up. Turquoise Skull Zombie, however, only uses its attack when plants are in close range; therefore, if the player removes plants from its range or it is far away, it cannot use the attack. Also, unlike zombies such as Gargantuar Prime, Wizard Zombie, and Octo Zombie, their attacks do not stack up and can be effectively stalled, akin to Jester Zombie, Hunter Zombie, and Excavator Zombie. Therefore, you can stall them with hard-shell plants such as Primal Wall-nut.

Guacodile can help stop these zombies, as they begin to rush when Turquoise Skull Zombie shoots them with its laser. Ghost Pepper can also be useful to defeat this zombie and a group of Lost City zombies. Kernel-pult may be useful to stop these zombies, but only when you have two or three columns of them. Spore-shrooms are also useful as the newly created ones can stall this zombie. However, avoid using these strategies when Parasol Zombies are in front of them. Spikeweed or Spikerock could be useful, as its beams cannot destroy those plants. One attack from Magnifying Grass will instantly kill one of them. Cactus and Celery Stalker can also be useful. However, Cactus must be planted near the zombie to avoid being burned by its beam. If these zombies get close, knockback plants like Primal Peashooters can knock it out of range, causing them to waste an attack or incinerate plants that aren't that useful. Intensive Carrot can instantly recover any destroyed plants.

Infi-nut can be useful as a defensive plant against this zombie because, unlike other defensive plants, Infi-nut can recover once shot by the laser of the Turquoise Skull Zombie. It is not recommended to use Infi-nut's Plant Food ability, as its force field can be easily destroyed by this zombie. Even though Explode-O-Nut will still explode as Turquoise Skull Zombie hits it with its beam, it's usually too far away to take damage. On the other hand, you can use them to trigger the explosion early and take out any other nearby zombies. If the player realizes he is too late to kill this zombie before it fires its beam, he can recover some sun by shoveling up the more expensive plants.

Note that this zombie can still attack unarmed or even armed Potato Mines and Primal Potato Mines, so don't plant them when he's stealing sun.

Balance changes

Update 5.8.1

  • Health increased from 350 DPS to 600 DPS

Update 6.0.1

  • Health decreased from 600 DPS to 350 DPS

Update 6.3.1

  • Health decreased from 350 DPS to 250 DPS




  • Its laser can kill hypnotized Gargantuars and other hypnotized zombies in one shot.
  • It and Imp Porter are the only zombies in Lost City that can insta-kill plants aside from Dr. Zomboss.
  • Unlike when killed by Explorer Zombie's torch, an Infi-nut hologram will be "burned" but the projector will stay if it gets hit by the laser beam.
  • It deals the most damage to plants, with approximately 4001, even more than the longer-ranged laser of a Gargantuar Prime. Therefore, it can destroy Infi-nut's shield even at full health.
  • The beam created by Turquoise Skull Zombie is similar to Gargantuar Prime's laser.
  • It is similar to Explorer Zombie, as they both burn plants and have the same health.
  • Its walking animation is the same as Ra Zombie's and Boombox Zombie's.
  • It is slightly smaller in size than regular zombies.
  • It will not charge its laser if all the plants on its row cannot be hit by the laser. (i.e. Spikeweed, Celery Stalker, etc.)
    • It will, however, target Cactus and Spring Bean when they are upright, as they switch between being regular and low-lying plants.
  • Even when hypnotized by Hypno-shroom, it still uses its crystal skull and fires it towards the player's house.

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