Turbo Twister is an ability for Super Brainz in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When used, Super Brainz will spin in a manner similar to the Jester Zombie. While spinning, it will deal 2 damage continuously to plants it hits. While he is in Turbo Twister, Super Brainz increases his speed and he takes 65% less damage, similar to abilities like Engineer's Big Bolt Blaster. It can be canceled early if he is hit by an attack that does knockback such as Big Stump's Club Bash or getting ensnared by a Spikeweed.


Garden Warfare 2

The Turbo Twister transforms Super Brainz into a chaotic whirlwind, damaging Plants as they're sucked towards him.

Battle for Neighborville

Spin rapidly, dealing damage to nearby enemies.


Battle for Neighborville

Maximum damage per second Duration Cooldown Movement speed multiplier Effective radius Maximum radius
65 1.75 s 14 s 1.35x 2.75 m (9.02 ft) 6 m (19.69 ft)

Associated upgrades  (Battle for Neighborville only)

Perk Knockback.png
Turbo TwisterBfN.png
Knock enemies away with Turbo Twister.

Turbo Twister knocks enemies 2.35m (7.71 ft) upward and 10m (32.81 ft) backward.
Perk Health.png
Turbo TwisterBfN.png
Gain health by dealing damage with Turbo Twister.

Dealing damage with Turbo Twister heals the player at a rate of 4 HP per hit, can give overhealth.



Due to its low damage output, the Turbo Twister should not be used as an attack, but rather as a defensive maneuver. If you are at low health and need to escape from Plants, you take much less damage while using this ability.


The Turbo Twister can be hard to escape. Using the Chomper's Spikeweed or Burrow, Rose's Time Snare or Goatify, Citron's Spin Dash or EMPeach will force Super Brainz to automatically cancel the ability, only if they end up managing to run into it. It is also not recommended to attack Super Brainz when he's using this ability due to the fact he will severely reduce damage dealt to him unless he's at critically low health.

Balancing changes

Post Beta

  • Whirlwind cooldown decreased from 30s to 24s
  • Whirlwind damage increased from 5 to 8

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • Minor speed improvement to Turbo Twister but at the cost of decreased his armor while in Turbo Twister

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Reduced damage absorption for Turbo Twister by 15%
  • Slightly increased Turbo Twister cool down
  • Slightly reduced Turbo Twister movement speed
  • Removed ability to cancel Super Brainz Turbo Twister

June 2017 Patch

  • Decreased damage of Turbo Twister from 8 to 6.
  • Decreased Turbo Twister speed reduction effect on enemies from 50% to 25%.

July 2018 Patch 

  • Increased Movement Speed Multiplier from 1.1 - 1.35
  • Reduced damage output from 6 - 2
  • Removed Speed Debuff to enemies
  • Increased cooldown from 22 seconds - 25 seconds
  • Reduced Duration from 5 seconds - 3.5 seconds



  • There was a bug in which if a Chomper attempts to swallow Super Brainz while he is using this, it would not stop and continue, damaging the Chomper until the animation of Chomper eating finishes. This was fixed in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC.
  • Despite the fact that you can no longer manually cancel Turbo Twister, if the player presses the ability button again, the rumbling on the controller will stop while the ability is active.
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