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Turbo Jackhammer is an alternate ability for the Jackhammer ability for the Engineer. What makes it different from the normal Jackhammer is that it moves faster, but will stop after eight and a half seconds after activation making it similar to the Sprint Burrow. It travels exactly the same distance as the regular Jackhammer, but in exchange for the higher speed, the cooldown is 5 seconds longer. It is best used for short, quick escapes. It takes 30 seconds to recharge. Like the other alternate abilities, it was released in the Garden Variety DLC. Like the Jackhammer, when the Turbo Jackhammer hits a plant, that plant will be dealt 5 damage and be slightly knocked back.

Stickerbook description

A Zomboss-modified Turbo Jackhammer is for Zombies that have a need for speed! Unfortunately, it tends to implode rather suddenly.

Balancing changes

May 2018 Patch

  • Increased the Turbo Jackhammer's duration from 5 - 8.5 seconds

Related achievement

Jackhammer Rush PSN.png
Jackhammer Rush
As an Engineer, Vanquish 10 Players while riding the Jackhammer



  • If the player vanquishes ten players while riding it or the Jackhammer, they will earn the Jackhammer Rush achievement
  • In the May 2018 patch, the Turbo Jackhammer got buffed, traveling longer (8.5) seconds, but takes slightly longer to recharge.
  • Turbo Jackhammer has a speed multiplier of 2x and a jump height multiplier of 1.3x.

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