For trophies in Plants vs. Zombies, see trophy.

Trophies are items obtained after the player defeats one of Dr. Zomboss' Zombots from each world except Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player can view them in the Upgrades section of the Almanac.

The player will get the:



  • If the player earns a trophy from a later world before getting a previous one (for example, beating Lost City before Wild West), the trophies will still show up in the correct world order in the Almanac.
  • Most trophies do not depict any particular zombie. However, two of them appear to be specific zombies from their world. They are Relic Hunter Zombie on the Lost City Trophy and Jurassic Fossilhead on the Jurassic Marsh Trophy.
  • Previously, if the player played the levels Modern Day - Day 32-34, and beat the Zomboss, the trophy would not be given to them upon beating the level. However, if they checked the Almanac, the trophy from that world would be there.
  • Even though they are found under the "Upgrades" section in the Almanac, they are not actual upgrades as they do not serve any purpose in gameplay.
  • The Neon Mixtape Tour Trophy's zombie pose bears a resemblance to the Pirate Seas Trophy's. This also occurs between Far Future and Wild West, and Lost City and Frostbite Caves.
  • The Jurassic Marsh Trophy shown in the Almanac is more zoomed in than the other trophies.
  • In Modern Day, the player obtains a "Taco with a Waffle In It" instead of a trophy. It also doesn't appear in the Almanac.
    • This makes it the only world without a proper trophy.