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Triangulation Station is the first quest issued to the player by Agent Citron. When the mission is completed, the player receives 2500 coins.

Mission description

"Set up some Cosmic Triangulators to locate the 1st bounty."


Agent Citron explains to the player that he is a bounty hunter from the future, and instructs the player to help him locate his bounty. Three triangulators must be placed in the portion of the Backyard Battleground to the left of the plant base. The first two times, a circle will appear, which the player must remain in to continue the triangulation whilst holding off zombies. This step is however skipped for the third station. In space, a Z7 Imp will see the waves coming and teleport to Earth. The Imp must be vanquished, after which the mission is completed and the player receives their reward.


The three triangulation stations can easily be placed, as the spots are not too difficult to find. Note that although the player must remain close to the station, the station itself has no health bar and cannot be destroyed. Hence, the zombies will beeline straight for the player.

The zombies that attack the first station are Browncoat Zombies and Conehead Zombies, which both are quite easy to vanquish. However, the second station will be attacked by Robo-Zombies and Future Imps, which can catch the player off-guard. Lastly, the third station is not attacked, but a Z7 Imp in its mech will spawn shortly after. This mech is permanent for this fight, so the player cannot simply stall until the Z7 Imp runs out of power. However, each class has its own way to take care of the mech.

Plant choice

Citrons are the best choice for this mission, as they are well versed in taking down the Z-Mech at the end. Their primary weapons do a good enough amount of damage to handle most of the zombies, and the EMPeach can help with crowd control for the second station.

Despite this, most classes are okay for this mission. However, it is strongly encouraged not to use Chompers as not only are their insta-kill chomps useless on the Robo-Zombies, the player can =get easily vanquished in the end, as Chomper variants sans the Yeti Chomper lack enough damage and range to effectively take out the Z-Mech.

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