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The Tree line (树系; pinyin: shù xì) is a Brave plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. Added in the v1.0.51 update, being released alongside Viking World, the Magnet line, and the Chrysanthemum line.

The line consists of Small Bush (小树丛; pinyin: xiǎo shùcóng), Firmiana (梧桐树; pinyin: wútóng shù), and Cypress (柏树; pinyin: bǎishù). All of them attack hurling balls of leaves at zombies.


All members of the Tree line are based on, as the name entails, various types of trees.

Small Bush, as its name implies, is based on a bush, otherwise known as a "shrub", a small perennial woody plant that distinguishes themselves from trees by their multiple stems and short height.

Firmiana is based on a parasol tree (Firmiana) plant, more specifically the Chinese parasol tree (Firmiana simplex). Its name is a reference to a genus of flowering plants known as Firmiana, also known as parasoltrees, which includes most of its species inhabiting in China.

Cypress is based on a cypress, a conifer tree or shrub in the family Cupressaceae.


Small Bush evolves into Firmiana, and further evolves into Cypress.

Plant Food/Anger effect

Tier Effect Description
1 TBA Deals damage to all enemies. Requires Brave Plant Food to activate.



Small Bush




  • Despite being named after the Firmiana tree, Firmiana resembles more of a stereotypical cartoon oak tree, drawn with the rectangle for the bark and the circle for the leaves. Real world Firmiana trees are in a strange pine tree-like shape, and have leaves that resemble maple leaves.
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