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Treasure Yeti is a zombie in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

It can only be fought in the Daily Challenge. Each Treasure Yeti would drop a Money bag worth 500 coins or a Costume Puzzle Piece when killed. However, they escape to the right side of the lawn if they get damaged enough.

Treasure Yeti used to be in the international version before the 5.7.1 update. The player would get received a notification that tells them which world and level the Treasure Yeti will currently be found in. It could be found in any world and almost any level the player had beaten. After it was killed, it would drop a lunch box that contains 1000 coins or a key (before the 1.7 update). It will not appear more than once per day.

Almanac entry

Note: All types of Treasure Yetis have the same Almanac entry.

Treasure Yeti

SPEED: Basic

A rare and curious creature, he always packs a lunch.

Speed Details: runs away after a short while
Special: carries treasure

The rare and wondrous Yeti carries his lunch box up and down Mount Brainer to his isolated mountain lodge.


Chinese version and international version (pre-5.7.1)

The Treasure Yeti absorbs 680 damage per shot and its appearance changes at 340 damage per shot before dying at 680 damage per shot. The Treasure Yeti drops a lunchbox when killed but runs away after a short while, so you need to be fast.

International version (version 6.5.1 only)

It was buffed to absorb 720 damage per shot. Its appearance changed at three unknown points after taking damage.


Just do what you did to the Zombie Yeti in the original Plants vs. Zombies. However, it walks backwards a while after anything attacks it, usually when it gets to the sixth tile from the right. It is recommended to use plants such as Repeaters, Bonk Choys, Snapdragons, Coconut Cannons, Citrons, or any plant with Plant Food to quickly kill it. As long as you manage to kill it quickly, you will have its lunchbox, which gives you 1000 coins.

If you have trouble with getting it to stay, you can use the Kernel-pult's butter to keep it there, or the Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food ability. The E.M.Peach can also make it stay, as it is a mechanical zombie.

You can also use Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos, Chili Beans to kill it quickly. Never use a boosted Sun Bean will not give you a lunchbox. It will also not drop its lunchbox if it is thrown into the air and a Blover is used. While it is walking backwards to leave the lawn, do not use Hurrikale on the lane it is at, since you will give it the chance to leave quickly before you kill it.

Unlike the Zombie Yeti, it won't eat plants behind it. So if the player tries to stop the Treasure Yeti when it is escaping by planting something like a Wall-nut behind it, the Treasure Yeti will just walk backwards right through the Wall-nut and go off-screen.

Using Power Ups that are not free are not recommended. If you spend more than 1000 coins, you will get only 1000 coins in the lunchbox, which is less than the amount you spent.

Remember to complete the level also. You will not receive your coins without completing the level. Even if you lose in the middle or at the end of the level after the Yeti was killed because the objective was failed, another zombie ate your brains, or the level was restarted, you will still let the Yeti "leave" and you will not get the coins.

Related achievement

Sasquashed! new
Destroy a Treasure Yeti


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  • Its degrades during 2017's A Very Yeti Festivus event were taken from Plants vs. Zombies Online.
  • In the Almanac, its entry is placed between Wild West and Far Future zombies, although it can appear in any world. It is likely because it is released alongside with three first worlds, before Far Future.
  • Unlike its Plants vs. Zombies counterpart, the Zombie Yeti, the Treasure Yeti is a robot.
  • In the "You got a Present!" notification, there is a button called "open all." This is because the player can get more than one lunchbox when they kill a Treasure Yeti.
    • The players could also do this by having the Pea Pod glitch happen. However, this was patched in the 2.2 update, though it is possible to do so via using a boosted Citron.
    • This does not happen as often as it does with just one lunchbox.
  • The lunchbox has a picture of the Treasure Yeti opening a treasure chest on it.
  • In each world except Wild West and every world starting with Dark Ages, the Treasure Yeti wears different types of costumes.
    • In Ancient Egypt, it wears a fez with an ankh on it.
    • In Pirate Seas, it wears a red pirate bandana.
    • In Far Future, it wears a pair of laser eyeglasses.
    • In the Chinese version, it wears a red suit and carries a hobby horse.
      • However, in the codes, there are costumes for the Wild West variant, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.
      • Also, in an advertisement for coins, the Treasure Yeti can be seen wearing a white and blue-striped bathing suit in Big Wave Beach, but this costume is never used in-game for unknown reasons.
  • This, Basic Zombie, and All-Star Zombie are the only zombies from Plants vs. Zombies to be renamed in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • It is possible to let the Treasure Yeti eat the player's brains by using Power Toss to make it close to his or her house by flicking left and then Mower Launch early (or let a zombie step on a lawn mower). If no plant has attacked the Treasure Yeti, it will enter the player's house and eat his or her brain.
  • Like most other robots, it is immune to Chili Bean's and Stunion's stunning gas.
    • Unlike most other robots, it is not immune to Garlic's changing lane ability, however.
  • Mount Brainer in its Almanac is a reference to Mount Rainier, a real-life mountain in America.
  • It and Punk Zombie are the only zombies that can have their head stolen by Magnet-shroom.
  • It appears to be faster when it is walking backwards.
  • In version 4.3.1 Treasure Yeti can now appear in Endless Zones and Zomboss battles, maybe as an error. This was fixed in the 4.4.1. update.
    • When Treasure Yeti appears in Zomboss battle, it could not be beaten naturally, because any zombie doesn't come from the left side of the lawn and thus it couldn't appear on other levels.
  • It is voiced by Jason Wolford according to the credits.
  • There is a glitch where if a Treasure Yeti is found in Lost City levels from Day 17 to Day 31 and if the player kills it, wins its lunchbox and completes a level, they will not get the 1000 coins from it.
  • In a Very Yeti Feastivus, in Pirate Seas Levels that are plankless, the Treasure Yeti will walk into the water, and be instantly destroyed.
  • Despite not appearing in International Version anymore, the Treasure Yeti can still be viewed in the Almanac.
    • However, it only appears in Feastivus event.
    • It also appears in some Battlez's Tournament.
      • However, its codename in Battlez is "Joust_Yeti".
  • Treasure Yeti does not drop it's lunchbox when it is hypnotised.
  • It drops Plant Food instead of it's lunchbox in Battlez.

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