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The trash can being held by a Trash Can Zombie

The trash can is a shield used by Trash Can Zombie in the console editions of Plants vs. Zombies. It contains a large amount of trash. It is very strong and takes a while to be destroyed. It can be taken away by the Magnet-shroom. It is also immune to the splash damage of peas lit up by Torchwoods as well as frozen peas.


It absorbs 800 damage per shot. It changes its appearance upon absorbing 280 and 540 damage per shot before disappearing after 800 damage per shot.


The trash can is very strong and the zombie that holds it is not affected by frozen peas or fire peas' splash damages. You can steal it with a Magnet-shroom or use Spikeweeds and Spikerock to hurt the zombie and bypass the trash can. You can also use Winter Melons to freeze the zombie that holds it. Melon-pults also bypass the trash can.

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