Trap tiles are environment modifiers in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and appear in some Locked and Loaded levels, including Lost City's boss battle. In contrast with Gold Tiles, trap tiles bring detrimental factors to both plants and zombies. However, the player can use them as their own advantage. They are triggered when a zombie steps on it, a plant is planted on it, or when Dr. Zomboss drops a sandbag in the boss battle.

There are two types of trap tiles: one with an icon of a flame on it and one with a rolling rock on it. The one with the falling rock summons a giant boulder that rolls from the top of the screen to the bottom, bouncing and destroying all plants and zombies in its column and the column in front of it. The one with the flame releases green flames across the lane that burns all plants and zombies in its row, which is similar to Jalapeno. All levels featuring trap tiles have pre-given plants.

These appear on Day 22, Day 28 and Day 32, the Piñata Party on February 11, 2017, the 2019 Hot Date Quest, and some Inzanity! levels as well as the Enlighten-Mint & Friends VS Zomboss Tournament in Arena.


Boulder tiles

Usually, it is a smart idea to use these to your advantage; planting low-costing plants onto them and using the rolling rock to attack zombies can make quick work of them, notably being able to kill a Gargantuar in one hit. They are also capable of hitting airborne zombies such as Bug Zombies, making them a viable offense against them.

Flame tiles

If there are no airborne zombies around, such as Bug Zombie, the player can get away with not planting on lanes with these, since a zombie will just burn itself and everything on its lane upon touching it.

However, if an airborne zombie is indeed involved, things can get dicey particularly quickly; setting up a temporary defense against the airborne zombie until it hits the flame tile can work, but setting up an entire defense not utilizing the flame tile whatsoever can also be viable if a player is struggling to keep this defense strategy up.

Or a Blover can be used to remove whatever zombie that flies, if the player is looking for a fast solution.





Zombies being killed by the flame trap tiles in the Chinese version of the game. Notice the game uses the default death animation.

  • Every Trap Tiles level has at least two flame traps and two boulder traps.
  • The boulder seems to be dropped from one place, bounces once then proceeds to roll towards the other side of the lawn. Also, the boulder's shadow is too small.
  • The Boulder tiles in the boss fight against the Zombot Aerostatic Gondola recharge much slower than regular. This is possibly to avoid zombies having a tough time getting to the player's house and making the level trivial as a result.
  • In Inzanity, it is possible for floating plants to trigger Trap tiles.
  • It shares the same circle shape (surrounding the boulder/fire symbol) as the Gold Tile. This suggests that they are related.
  • In the Chinese version, if zombies are killed by the flame trap, they will die normally and lose their heads, instead of turning into ashes, while plants killed by the flame trap will simply disappear instead of burning.
  • If a flame trap tile burns an endangered plant, the player will lose the level. This was only shown on a Piñata Party.
    • The game will still say "Zombies ate your plant" even though the zombies did not actually eat it, just the fire destroyed it.
  • The boulder sometimes doesn't bounce plants, but still bounces zombies. This is a glitch.
  • Rolling Stone in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes looks and acts similar to the Trap Tiles, it just doesn't have the face.
  • The Trap Tiles possibly could be a reference to a scene in the Indiana Jones movies. 

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