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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Toy Gun Imp Child is a zombie in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He can be found in the Children's Day events. He acts like a weaker but faster Pirate Captain Zombie. Unlike Pirate Captain Zombie however, after his first bubble (counterpart to Zombie Parrot) has been destroyed, he can still blow more.


Toy Gun Imp Child wears a striped shirt and a hat shaped like a bear, and carries a bubble gun shaped like a fish. He wears red shoes and what appears to be a red scarf flying behind him like a cape. He also has a pair of glasses on his neck.


Toy Gun Imp Child absorbs 600 damage per shot. He loses his arm at 300 damage per shot before dying at 600 damage per shot.


The bubbles are this zombie's most dangerous trait, and can be deadly if he appears in large numbers and are protected behind other zombies. In such a case, use Blover to blow all bubbles on the screen away. The bubbles can be popped quickly if there are several plants that fire in multiple directions, like Angel Starfruit on the lawn.



  • If Blover is planted as a plant is being carried away by a bubble, the bubble will be removed. The plant will remain suspended for a moment, then fall back to its original tile.
  • Squash will attempt to smash the bubble, suggesting that the bubble is regarded as a zombie.
  • If Kernel-pult is captured by a bubble, he will try to free himself by attacking the bubble. However, his projectiles will land on the tile behind him instead of hitting the bubble.
    • It is uncertain if this occurs with other Lobbed shot plants.
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