Toxic Citron is the Super Rare toxic variant of Citron in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He was added in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC. .


Stickerbook description

"Toxic Citron wears goggles under his helmet not because he needs to protect his eyes, but because he thinks they make him look really hip."

In-game description

His Limer Slimer attack lingers after detonation, dealing toxic damage over time!

AI Health

Easy: 120

Normal: 160

Hard: 200


Primary weapon

Toxic Citron's weapon is called the Limer Slimer. It has 20 ammo and is fully automatic. Like the Park Ranger and Alien Flower's primary weapons, the Limer Slimer's attacks will create clouds that deal damage over time to Zombies, and have minor splash damage. Like most toxic variants, zombies that either stand near him or are hit by his primary weapon will be poisoned, taking residual damage afterwards.

  • The base close range damage per hit is 7 and critical is 8.
  • The base mid range damage per hit is 6 and critical is 7.
  • The base long range damage per hit is 2 and critical is 3.
  • The ammo in a clip is 20.
  • The reload time is 1.8 seconds.
  • The projectile speed is medium.
  • The weapon is full-auto.
  • The bloom is medium.
  • The weapon has an added toxic effect, which temporarily and continuously deals 2 damage to zombies it hits, and also 2 damage to zombies around the zombie it hit.
  • The weapon leaves lingering clouds, which continuously deals 2 damage to zombies inside them.


Character pieces for this character can be found in all the packs except for the "Spawnables" ones. This character can also be unlocked by purchasing Phenomenal Character Packs.


While in Assault Mode

Left abilities
EMPeach, like its Plants vs. Zombies 2 counterpart, slows down and lightly damages zombies in its radius. It also prevents zombies from using their abilities.
Center abilities
Citron BallGW2
Citron Ball
When Citron Ball is used, Citron curls up in a ball, increasing his jump height and speed. It is most likely used to chase after Imps, as their increased speed and agility make it harder to hit them. When in Citron Ball form, Citron loses the ability to shoot and use EMPeach and Peel Shield, but gain Hyper Ball and Ball Charge as new abilities which replace the former two.
Citron BallGW2
Party Citron Ball
An alternate version of the Citron Ball for the Party Citron. Functions identically to the normal Citron Ball.
Right abilities
Peel ShieldGW2
Peel Shield
If Peel Shield is activated, Citron gains a shield in front of where it is facing, absorbing a certain amount of damage. However, Citron is still vulnerable to shots to its side and back.
Mood ShieldGW2
Mood Shield
An alternate ability instead of Peel Shield. Withstands more damage, yet has a shorter duration. Color changes based on how much health the shield has left.

While in Citron Ball

Left abilities
Hyper BallGW2
Hyper Ball
Hyper Ball is the first ability available for Citron in Citron Ball form. When used, it further enhances Citron's already enhanced speed and jump height.
Center abilities
Assault ModeGW2
Assault Mode
Citron goes back into his normal form, allowing Citron to shoot again, and replacing Hyper Ball and Spin Dash with EMPeach and Peel Shield.
Right abilities
Spin DashGW2
Spin Dash
Citron will slow down and roll in place for a few seconds, before charging forwards and hitting any zombies in his path, dealing damage to them.


Toxic Citron's Primary Weapon can be considered the plant counterpart of the Park Ranger's Stenchy the Skunk but with a lower rate of fire but with the added benefit of more ammo and a toxic effect. It may be difficult to accustom to him but with practice Toxic Citron can become powerful in the hands of a skilled player. Staying behind walls and occasionally poking out to shoot at enemies is a great strategy as the toxic damage will slowly wither their health down. A Super Brainz or Captain Deadbeard using their close-range weapon will suffer from his toxic aura. It is the perfect counter for Imps as it can deal splash damage against them. Keep in mind that while in Citron Ball form he loses his toxic aura. This can make Toxic Citron a force to be reckoned with.


The Limer Slimer has similar firepower as The Park Ranger's primary weapon but has an added toxic effect. Use it like you would with the Park Ranger. Using Citron Ball removes your toxic aura and gives off an audio clue that can alert zombies to your presence. Beware of this and switch in and out of Citron Ball away from zombie players. The lingering clouds left behind by a shot from the Limer Slimer can make countering Imps easy. The toxic effect chips away the health of Z-Mechs quicker so use that to your advantage. Use his abilities the same way as you would with any other Citron: use EMPeach on Imps and Z-Mechs; use Peel Shield early when taking damage; use Hyper Ball to escape sticky situations or traverse the map quicker and finally use Spin Dash to knock away troublesome Browncoat Zombies or Imps. Make sure your fights are medium to close range, as that is where you are most effective.


Many players may treat his primary weapon like the Park Ranger's primary weapon. If you are playing as Super Brainz or Captain Deadbeard or their variants, use long range more than close range to avoid the toxic aura so you cannot be hit by it. His abilities are no different. Counter them normally as they remain unchanged. Even so, don't get too focused on his primary weapon as he can use his abilities to vanquish you.

Balancing changes

May 2018 Patch

  • Decreased the Limer Slimer's long range impact damage from 5 - 2



  • He is the second Citron not to be an orange. Instead, he is a lime. The first one is Iron Citron, who is a grapefruit.
  • While in the Citron Ball, he does not have his toxic aura.
  • When he enters or exits Citron Ball, a robotic mechanism sound can be heard.
  • His Stickerbook description says that his goggles are not to protect his eyes, but rather he thinks they make him look hip.
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