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Tourist Trap Island is a Turf Takeover map in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. This map takes place on Dr. Zomboss' island.

In this map the zombies are on the defense and the plants are on the offense. The plants must capture Dr. Zomboss's storm machines and push over the Master Switch in order to stop a storm Dr. Zomboss has been creating. Meanwhile, the zombies must stop the plants from doing so.




  • Payload Area
  • 1st Storm Machine
  • 2nd Storm Machine
  • Master Switch

Payload Area

The plants must push the payload until it reaches the goal.


Because the payload is located near the plants spawn, as opposed to the zombies spawn, it makes it much easier for them to complete this objective. Just eliminate all zombies who attempt to stop the payload.


There are many ledges and straight lines of sight to see and attack the plants from. Like all payloads, one zombie next to them will stop them from moving. Use this to your advantage.

1st Storm Machine

The plants must capture Dr. Zomboss's 1st Storm Machine. To do this they must first use launch pads, akin to those found in Giddy Park, to launch onto the island itself.


Make sure you're going in the right direction or you could end up near the zombie spawn point. Stick with the crowd and eliminate zombies in the capture zone, then vanquish any zombies that approach.



2nd Storm Machine

The plants must capture Dr. Zomboss's 2nd Storm Machine.



Master Switch

The plants must stick close to the master switch until the indicator on the top-center of the screen turns into sunny weather, while the zombies need to stop them from changing it by staying near the objective and killing the plants attempting to do so. The player can see which team is taking control of the master switch by looking at the screen on top of the master switch. If the weather displayed is sunny, then the plants are taking control of it, while if the weather displayed is stormy, then the zombies are currently controlling it.





End Victory

Plant Victory

The game ends with a cutscene where the screen on the master switch displays sunny weather. The tornado still appears, dissipating, but before it does, it carries all the zombies with it, throwing them into the sky. They will then proceed to fall from the sky, while the plants all dance.

Zombie Victory

The game ends with a cutscene where the screen on the master switch displays a stormy weather. A tornado appears and blows things away including a portable toilet containing a human in it. Zomboss can then be seen in a building overlooking the island while laughing.



  • If you look in the background in Zomboss's and Storm Machine, you can see floating sharks and mines.
    • This is likely to be a glitch.
  • At the zombie spawn in the payload section, near the theme park, a human in an outhouse can be seen, when approached, he will proceed to say some quotes.
    • It can be believed that this human is the same human that is carried away in the zombie victory cutscene at the final objective.

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