On Again, Off Again
This game mode is not always available to be played in-game. It is only available sometimes. It is currently not available.

To Heal, or Not To Heal? is a Super Mix Mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is a variant of Team Vanquish where players heal nearby allies and also deal extra damage when at lower health. Sunflower and Scientist variants can not be used, as those two classes are the healers. The default variants of certain classes cannot be used either, for unknown reasons. Twilight Chomper is also unplayable as he was never added to the mode.


This game mode functions identically to Team Vanquish, except that players will heal nearby allies automatically, and that players deal additional damage when their health is lower.


Plants and Zombies are spawning! Join the Plants or Zombies for some team healing and damage dealing fun where vanquishing enemies will achieve your team victory.


It is worth noting that Rose is able to use Arcane Lotus in this game mode. This means that, if you have it equipped, you are able to heal yourself and teammates without use of Healing Auras.

In the mode you are meant to choose whether to stay near your teammates to get healed, or to stay alone and deal extra damage from Berserker, but become more fragile. If you go for more damage over getting healed, it is a good idea to use characters with high rates of fire, such as Foot Soldier and Breakfast Brainz, as each individual shot will do more damage. Purposefully staying on low health to have higher damage is a risky move, as you are practically turning yourself into a glass cannon. If you can manage to quickly vanquish any enemies near you before they can manage to deal much damage to you, you will be able to get many vanquishes during the round. If you choose to stay near your team for healing, then you should play characters that can support well around groups of teammates, such as Rose.

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