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Time to Go Outside Xbox

Time to Go Outside icon in the Xbox One version

Time to Go Outside is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The achievement requires the player to promote a single character five times. In other words, the player has to promote that character to Master rank.


The achievement's name seems to be in reference to the infamous trope of recommending gamers to not play video games all the time.


This acheivement is easily earned by just playing with a certain character. Since it doesn't matter what side the character is on, just choose your favorite overall character and play a gamemode where you can get a lot of vanquishes if you want to get this fast. Sometimes, the special gamemodes can get you a lot of level-ups. This achievement, although anybody can get it just by playing a certain character, can be really hard to earn in a small amount of time, because it takes a while to master characters. 


  • In the achievement's icon, there is a crooked and black and white picture of Crazy Dave next to the door.
  • The street with the house and clouds outside look almost exactly like several maps in Garden Warfare, especially Wall-nut Hills.
  • An almost identical achievement existing in Call of Duty: World at War, named "Go Get Some Sun" also revolves around ranking up "excessively."
    • The aforementioned Achievement is earned by reaching the 10th Prestige, the highest obtainable rank.
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