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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the currency with a similar usage and appearance in the game, see Medal

Time Tokens are a type of currency that can be obtained by playing Endless Challenge in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. They can be used to buy plants' Puzzle Pieces, Costume Puzzle Pieces, Pendant Puzzle Pieces, coins and Culture Medium. Initially, the player will receive 10 Time Tokens per normal level they beat and 35 for every Zomboss level. After beating the 3rd Zomboss level (Level 15), this will increase to 15 Time Tokens per normal level, and 40 for Zomboss levels.

Puzzle Pieces


Puzzle Pieces for plants are always bought in sets of 5. 5 Puzzle Pieces of a Legendary plant cost 1000 Time Tokens, Super-Rares or Rares cost 500 while Commons or Uncommons cost 200. Some Rare plant Puzzle Pieces strangely cost 300 Time Tokens only.

Currently, the only plants available in the store are Fanilla, Phat Beet, Cob Cannon, Banana Dancer, Snow Pea, Trump Tulip, PeashooterParsnip and Cabbage-pult.


Costume Puzzle Pieces for plants are also always bought in sets of 5. Each set costs 500 Time Tokens.


The player can buy 2 Puzzle Pieces of any type of Pendant if they appear in the store for 400 Time Tokens.


For coins, the player can exchange 250 tokens for 50,000 coins, and 500 tokens for 100,000 coins.

Culture Medium

Main article: Culture Medium

Culture Medium is a currency that is used to upgrade a plant from level 4 to 5. It can only be obtained by spending Time Tokens, and its cost changes depending on its rarity:

  • Common: 50 time tokens
  • Uncommon: 50 time tokens
  • Rare: 200 time tokens
  • Super-Rare: 300 time tokens
  • Legendary: 500 time tokens