Tiger Klaus is a Bounty Hunt character in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He resembles an Oak with the "Tiger Birch" costume and is accompanied by several Acorns, which are referred to in-game as "Klaus' Friends" and also wearing the same costume.

He can be fought in the Town Center with a 105-second time limit, and defeating him unlocks the Tiger Klaus is Coming to Town medal.


His name is a pun of "tiger claws" and "Klaus," a German, Dutch and Scandinavian given name and surname.


This is one of the more difficult bounty hunts due to the 105-second time limit and the imposed restrictions on how you can defeat him. As hinted by the pop-up text that appears at the beginning of the bounty hunt, you have to defeat the Acorns first before you're able to vanquish him, otherwise the bounty hunt will fail. This proves to be a difficult feat to perform as the Acorns will constantly try to use Lumber Support, raising their health if you try to deplete it. Also, the fact that these Acons are very small and will immediately try to ride on the Oak makes everything more difficult because most of the time you'll just hurt the Oak.

Foot Soldier appears to be one of the better choices in defeating them, as his full-auto weapon combined with the ZPG ability allows for a slight edge in combating them. As soon as the bounty hunt begins, quickly get on top of a wall and wait until the first Acorn gets on the Oak. After that, aim carefully at the Acorn and fire your weapon at him. Standing on a wall ensures that you can hit him easier compared to just standing on the ground, in which the Acorn will be obstructed with the Oak's head, although you have to be careful not to get hit by the Super Sap Trap, as it will most likely incapacitate you in one hit. After vanquishing the first Acorn, quickly try and fire the ZPG against one of the two Acorns that spawn before he can get on the Oak. This will make defeating the second one easier. Continue to vanquish the Acorn and then the third wave of Acorns will spawn. Again, try to fire your ZPG against one of the Acorns. After vanquishing the rest of them, Tiger Klaus can then be defeated. Throw a Super Stink Cloud at him and spray your weapon on his face to get some critical hits. Use the ZPG once it's available again. Because of the narrow time window to take him down, try to avoid yourself from dying and don't get hit by the Super Sap Trap, as the respawn point is located far away from him that most likely you will run out of time.


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