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Tickets are a currency in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes that were introduced at the 1.10.14 update. They are used to unlock limited time event cards without the need of spending gems.

Ways to earn Tickets

Tickets are earned by winning matches. The mode played determines the number of tickets the player is going to receive. Winning a single player battle rewards 10Tickets.png, while winning a multiplayer match rewards 15Tickets.png. Keep in mind that local multiplayer does not count as winning matches due to the fact that players can cheat for tickets. These tickets can be multiplied by the use of boost depending on the classes of the hero the player is playing as.

Winning a Daily Challenge rewards 100Tickets.png. There are also ticket rewards for winning multiple Daily Challenges within a week. Note that Daily Challenges will not activate the ticket boost.

Ways to spend Tickets

Tickets can only be spent on Weekly Event to get limited time event cards.


  • There were incidents of the ticket boost being glitched out. This was due to players uninstalling and reinstalling the app mutiple times, resetting the boost to max everytime. This has now been patched.
  • If you complete each day's challenges without missing any, you get 1200 tickets, the equivalent of one card.
  • The cheapest event card to get with Tickets was Electric Blueberry, at 1,000 Tickets per card.
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