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Three Fights With Skeleton Demon 2-4 was the fourth level of Three Fights With Skeleton Demon in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. It was a conveyor-belt level. To earn all three stars, the player had to complete the stage, not let the Seagull Imp steal the star which was located at the back of the lawn on one of the lawn mowers, and not to lose any lawn mowers.


The level already gave the player all the counters for the corresponding threats in the level. However, their planting space was still limited to only half the lawn, and the level was quite long as well.


The level is extremely simple. Simply have at least one lane of each type of attack plant. Scaredy-shrooms should be placed at the back to not be eaten by Digger Zombies before the Split Peas can defeat them. Pumpkins and Hypno-shrooms should be placed at the front near the zombies to aid you. Save your instant-kills for use whenever needed (countering Football Zombies for example) and save some space for as well, especially Doom-shroom.



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