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a plague has swept this era.
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Three Fights With Skeleton Demon 2-1 was the first level of Three Fights With Skeleton Demon in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. This chapter featured a half-unplantable lawn, similar to Pirate Seas, while Flower Pots must have been used to plant in the middle lane. To earn all three stars, the player must have completed the stage, not let the Seagull Imp steal the star which was located at the back of the lawn on one of the lawn mowers, and not to lose any lawn mowers.



  • Required plants:
  • Plant Flower Pots and Sunflowers first. Move your Plant Hero for its assistance.
  • Plant your offensive plants. It is advised to pick plants that can deal huge damage to zombies quickly or plants that can pass through Screen Door Zombie's screen door.
  • Occasionally you can also use instant-kill plants to help you as well, though it is optional.




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