Your edits are starting to become useless fluff editing.

Do not use multilinks. Only one link to one page is enough. Also, do not put links in the PvZH Infobox.

We use "the" in front of a class. THE Kabloom class is correct. Kabloom class is not correct.

American English uses a comma after every item in a list. A, B, and C is correct. A, B and C is not correct.

Read the trivia policy and do NOT post bad trivia. I do not need to explain this one.

And most importantly, if you are to edit, DO NOT EDIT ONE OR TWO WORDS AT A TIME. (A single minor edit is okay, but if you start doing it multiple times on a single page, we might have a problem here.) This basically screams that you're a fluff editor, and you WILL get banned again, perhaps for longer. And for the staff, an apology does not work. So you need to do better; heck, you even said that YOU'LL NEVER DO FLUFF EDITING AGAIN for like, a million times. Thank you, and good bye.

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